Homeless man beat to death pretty much

Discussion in 'General' started by 4Cave2man0, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. But first we'll beat you within a inch of your life, then shoot you. Because we are bad cops, bad cops.

  2. What you gonna do what you gonna do when they do a poo on you :cool:
  3. Not only was he homeless, but he was schizophrenic.

    This is yet another testament to how messed up our criminal justice system is, AND our health care system. Both sides are at fault, IMO. California did away with any meaningful mental health services they had in the 70s I believe, and the rest of the country followed suit soon after.

    This man needed help. His own state denied him that help, and the police put an end to any hope of getting help he may have had. This country disgusts me more and more everyday.
  4. how the fuck can cops always fight dirty and with more people/force and still struggle to subdue people

  5. Pussy cops pussy cops what you gonna do
    what you gonna do when they play dirty all over you.

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