Homegrownlights.com.... Any LED Success???

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  1. I was one minute away from pushing the buy button, when I thought that I should make sure i wasn't making a mistake. My plan is to by 4 of their 1x1 foot kits for a 4 square foot area scrog setup.

    Has anyone had any success using their product, or am I making a mistake?

    Thanks all.....
  2. I have never used LED's. However, I want to start a closet grow and did a lot of research on LED's and CFL's. My conclusions were that LED technology, while a great idea, is far from being perfected.

    I decided when I set up my closet to go with CFL's. LED technology while not perfected is expensive. Check out the link below to see a 315 watt 17,000 lumen CFL grow light fixture complete for $200...

    Here's another link where you can buy individual 125 watt CFL's (27ook & 6500k) that produce 8000 lumens a piece. Scroll down the page to see the individual bulbs and sockets for sale...

    While it is almost impossible to search the net and find any legit pics of an LED setup producing great buds, there is a lot of pictures here at GC alone that prove CFL's do work. CFL's run cool and are cheap on electricity just like LED's. Only difference is CFL's will actually grow plants.

    Good luck on your grow. When you get some plants up and runnin', don't forget to come back and post some pics! :wave:
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    Dude for $200 bucks you could build a few Dr.Bud style boxes and so you know CFL's with lower wattage have better lumen to watt ratio's. I've been growing with CFL's for a while now and have friends with big HID setups and I get the better quality off the same strains. I'd say go with 23w CFL bulbs and those LED panels just get the ones that are red and blue mixed.I've seen real nice grows under the panels this one dude replaced his 250HPS with them and didn't lose anything just said he got better quality buds since they were closer to the lights with LED's. I keep my girls 1 inch from my 23w bulbs and keep in mind that lumens are measured from 1 foot away so when you put it within 3 inches away the lumens given to your plants tripple!!! Just some food for thought:wave:

    By the way Walmart usually has 23w CFL's for no more $1.50 each right now they are one sale for 74cents each!!!!! and they are 1600 lumens each.Spend $20 and get 32,000 lumens and more points of light... I've tried big CFL's and they are not as good they run hotter and take up more space
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    TerribleJay:Bro honestly either your friends with HID lights are doing something seriously wrong, or you found miracle CFL's because an HID will always out perform CFL's given the same setup. Post some pics of your awesome CFL buds and i'll take it back.

    If you're willing to spend $200 on lights, save yourself some trouble and just get an HPS light.

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