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Discussion in 'General' started by eome, Jan 26, 2002.

  1. Looking for a track which for me is the deffinition of light punky music the track is called surfer girl and the artist is homegrown. PLEASE TELL ME WHERE I CAN GET IT- AND NOT THE GAY VERSION WITH THE WAVES AT THE BEGINNING!!
  2. Damn, I love Homegrown.

    But onto the "no waves at the begginging" version, I can't quite remember which album features which.

    The newest version is Act Your Age, which was made back in '98. And I think it was on "That's life" album too. Anyhow the only place you can buy 'em through online that I've found is merch.com (Suburban Noize's outlet, though who knows what they have at the given moment). Merch's actually the reason I got into Homegrown... Surfer girl's not my favorite song... but it's not there worst. *shrug* :D

    Surfer Girl
    "I was at the beach
    sitting on the sand
    When I saw this girl
    Dark brown eyes, and a dark olive tan

    She was watching the sets
    With a surfboard underneath her arm
    The first moment I saw her I knew she'd do me some harm
    She's so good

    She came out of the water
    From the best session I'd seen
    Man, she had the biggest chi chis I had ever seen
    She put down her board, and sat down next to me
    And played a soft ole lonely tune, on her ukulele
    I don't know what had happened
    But I'd fallen asleep
    The next morning I woke up
    She was sleeping next to me

    I fell in love with her I'm so in love with her I fell in love with her My little Surfer Girl

    She got out of bed
    Waxed up both our boards
    Grabbed me by the hand and then she took me out the door We surfed all that day long At least eight hours straight
    Man! I knew she was the one
    And damn I couldn't wait
    Well I asked if she loved me
    She said, "Yeah well I guess"
    So I asked her to marry me
    Dammit, you know she said "yes"

    I fell in love with her I'm so in love with her I fell in love with her My little Surfer Girl

    I was at the alter
    In my tuxedo-o-o
    Waiting for my Surfer Girl
    Man, where did she go
    Later on that day
    A friend to me did tell-ell-ell
    That she went to Mexico
    To catch a, to Catch a, to catch a 10 foot swell
    That Bitch

    I fell in love with her I'm so in love with her I fell in love with her My little Surfer Girl

    My Surfer Girl"
  3. The pot song has to be one of my faves- at the beginning of each session i am going to recomend to my smokin buddy

    (yes where i come from there is only realy one decent person to smoke with) that we put on the pot song at the beginning of each session as it will signal that the smokin time has started. ALSO if ur gettin wasted then please download D.R.U.N.K. by the nation of alcoholics please... RIGHT I WOULD LIKE TO ALSO FORMALY RECCOMEND HOMEGROWN TO ANYONE HERE- SONGS OF PARTICULAR NOTE ARE- FACE IN THE CROWD, SHE'S ANTI, WANNABE OH AND OF COURSE THE ONE THE ONLY THE BEST- BARBIE GIRL PUNK COVER!!!!

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