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    I have a relatively new hydro setup. My first batch had problems due to problems with the hydro system. This caused stress to the plants as they went through a drought.

    I had AK47 and WW on the table. They were clones cut from healthy mothers. The AK47 plants either died or hermied on me after the drought. They pollinated the WW plants who managed to survive, produced tons of seeds and no buds. I let them keep growing to keep the seeds.

    So now I have over a hundred seeds and they sprout with no issues.

    Are there any issues using these seeds for my next batch? I read that they will have more of a tendency to hermie, but any other issues I should be looking for?
  2. ...you've got it right. Hermie seeds come from hermie parents. Females can be stressed into hermie, as you've learned already. However, if a hermie pollinates a true female, you'll have a better true female ratio. Peace! :smoke:
  3. careful with any AK-47s that hermie ..the strain was used to stabilize Autos for a reason, it has a chance to have auto flowering traits with every seed.. so there will be an even greater chance of hermie later down the road... it is one of the toughest to make stable fem'd seeds for...

    just an FYI ..

    but by all means if you have the space, and time .. fire up a hand full and see what rolls out, I just would not base my next genetic line on em , if you know what I mean ;)

  4. Thanks for the advice so far guys. Seeds are expensive, so I figured I would try to work with these ones. I'll let you know how they turn out at the end of summer.

    Right now, the only stable stuff I have to work with is 2 healthy WW mothers. The AK47 mom is not around anymore.

    I need to make some more WW mothers though. I have some healthy big clones I may plant and just keep in eternal veg.

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