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homegrown chronic and paid for chronic

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by killachronic, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Here is some homegrown from a bagseed that im bout to harvest in another week or so and some chronic i picked up last night. The homegrown has been dried for 4 days and is curing with my other nugs. The bought chronic has a weird smell kinda like cat piss and has a nice strong body stone.

  2. no comments.. thats some frosty ass nugs.. looks like NL
  3. Those are some BEAUTYS!!
    looks really nice for some bagseed!!

  4. I agree. I grew out 2 seeds from the same bag. It was some purple outdoor dank with a few seeds. I got 2 COMPLETELY different plants. This one is gonna be some top notch. Other one smells good as fuck but has the weirdest buds ive ever seen. Buds growing out of buds.

    Thanks for the replies guys.

    that is all. lol +rep
  6. Nice bud man. I'd give myself a swirly for a gram.
  7. if there is a strong, ammonia or cat piss like smell, it's prob got mold on it. google mold spores and then take a magnafying lens and look at the bud. mold look just like thc but longer stems.
  8. Nah man no mold. Ive seen moldy bud and this definitley is way too dry to be moldy. I did look at it under 100X radioshack mic and no mold, just trichs.
  9. just that the smell you described is usually mold. just thought i'd throw the idea out there..... noone like smoking mold. :smoke:
  10. Ill take a ounce! haha

    Great looking bud, makes me wanna smoke really bad.
  11. Yea the dude i got this from always has commercial shit. I think it might have had somethin sprayed on it for smell during transportation. I don't know anything about concealing the smell of lots of dank weed for transport but i let the bag sit open last night and the smell kinda faded like what they sprayed on it evaporated. Maybe its just the weed i don't know. It did smell like lemony ammonia kinda but it smells normal now. I don't see any mold on it though.
  12. Theres a strain in Chicago that is called Cat Piss, for very specific reasons.

    Its hard to find the real deal, but if you do get a hold of it..... you're in for a damn pleasant night

  13. There's a strain called cat piss, that smells, well, like cat piss.:wave:
  14. i'm very aware of the strain, but with a name like that i'm sure the seller would've mentioned it.
  15. Yeah its hard to find real Cat Piss, but when you do... it doesn't taste anything like it smells. Not sure if its good or bad to be honest

  16. i was gonna say this^

    also the strain BCN diesel smells like cat piss sometimes...i grew it and boy does it stank

  17. skunk smells like cat piss
  18. durban poison always smells kind of weird, but tastes like lemons and awesomeness. theres alot of wacky strains these days theres no way to know what exactly is making it smell like that.
  19. Yea....people around here always make up names for their shit, but this dude doesn't. It's commercial headies that he gets in large quantities. He sells it to me for 45 when its worth sixty so thats why i do biz with him. I don't really burn that much when im in school just as long as i have some chronic when i need it im good. Once my shit gets done i won't have to worry about weird smelling weed or mold or any of that shit. It did have something sprayed on it though because it was moist when i got it then i let it dry out and the smell went away. Now it just smells like some normal buds and ive checked it all over and i can't find anything resembling webs or mold.

    Thanks for lookin out tho NY your right no one wanna smoke moldy bud.

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