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Homegrown BLue dream

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Munch, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. heres some of my bd, have been growing this strain for a while one of my favorite in terms of potency,yield, smell, and bag appeal. Smells like blueberry hazey goodness so pungent stinks up a room quick and the after sesh smell it leaves in a room is amazing.

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  2. umm you grew that? i love how you say it so casually but its freaking awesome.

    you must be proud
  3. Hah yea man i know I am super proud, nice to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Hard work and multiple harvests with this strain have it almost dialed in perfectly
  4. awesome shit.
  5. Awesome bluedream! Def one of my favorite strains.
  6. Me and my friend managed to get some pure Blue Dream this year, not crossed with anything. It grew to be this huge sativa, lanky, uniformally branched plant that is doing amazing outdoors right now. Currently it's around 12 feet, god bless landrace sativas..

    One of the stalks fell off because the weight of the bud broke it, so we managed to dry and cure and sample it.


    We smoked a few bowls of the hash we made from the trimmings of BLue Dream and a nice bowl with just the Blue Dream. Went for a midnight bike ride, felt like I was straight up dreaming.

    Enjoy that bud, one of my favorites.
  7. Nice grow dude!:D
  8. blue dream is a great strain, nice job
  9. Its like your baby when you grow it. especially if you only have one plant. You guard that motherfucker with your life. Super dank grow bro. 9/10 imo.
  10. :eek: Great Grow! Blue Dream has been going around lately around where I live
  11. Nice pictures! Props for being able to grow your own :)

    I picked up a quarter of Blue Dream a couple of weeks ago; what an amazing sativa! Defintely in my top 4 or 5 :)
  12. that blue dream looks mighty fine!! any advice i should know when growing blue dream? my blue dream baby sprouted this morning,
  13. That's definitely some legit Blue Dream, those pale pistils and light green resinous buds look just like the Blue Dream I've picked up from the club. You've got some growing skillz
  14. looks ncie
  15. too high to remember hah my bad but i gotta bump this dont hate homies, thanks for the comments guy this stuff has being curing into pure heaven. So dank and pungent, very nice balanced high where i just am overall stoned body and mind 50 50.

    Blue dream has been blowing up lately and for good reason, now everyone and there mama is growing it. Super easy plant to grow, high yield of huge buds that snap stems, pungent dank blueberry haze smell, and amazing crystally bag appeal. My friends love me. I am hitting some rite now actually gettin faded, just got 10 more blue dream clones for the nxt run and ima mother plant one and clone that baby.
  16. AT seedlesss my bad for taking so long but def ill help u our bro, first off shelll take whatever but I have found less nutrients is more for me personally. I give her water and great white shark mychorazaie or whateve but its fungus bacteria that give the root way more surface area to absorb nutrients.

    Also a bit of molasses once in a while during flowering and thats all. BElieve it or not that grow had little to none nutrients and it turned out the dankest yet. So she strechs 2-3X during flowering which is nice u can flower clones earlier, takes 60-70 days to harvest rock hard buds that snap the stems and smell straight blueberry DANK!

    And at the bishop blue dream its legit i can always tell blue d, it has pale orange hairs foxtail buds crystally as hell and a dank blueberry hazey smell.
  17. I like it, but it comes through alot where I live so its nothing really to what I usually get. But I give you props, nice work man, must be proud! :hello:
  18. Hah yea it is blowing as i sed and sed why because of the pros to the grower ie high yield vigorous growth easy to grow and the smoker, dank smell taste and bag appeal. It is fine though i smoke it not sell to clubs, i always have a few exotics or purps on the side but they are nothing compared to the blue dreams pure growing beauty.

    I keep bd in garden for bulk and randoms for headstash and something differnt. Blue dream afgoo and purps have beean consistantly around my area its one of those strains and i can see why its dank!
  19. hell yeah. looks like some fire. +rep to the grower
  20. ridankulous

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