Homecoming Queen Off's Herself

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    Crystal Lynn Edwards, 23

    She was a 2006 graduate of Crowell High School, where she was a cheerleader for four years, was active in Drama and One Act Plays, advanced to UIL Regional in Persuasive Speaking and One Act Play, was active in the F.F.A. 4-H Stock Show, and was Homecoming Queen in 2005.

    She was a Criminal Justice major at Century City Vernon College.

    From reading other reports about her apparently she blew half her head straight off!

    This is what I'm thinking happen. She had her ass kissed in high school being a cheerleader and than homecoming queen but it went all down hill from there and she couldn't take just being the common run of the mill college student and decided to end it all in a beautiful glaze of prolific self violence.

    The best kind I must admit! Your thoughts? :smoke:

  2. I see no reason to speculate, or cast judgement. I just hope it's what she expected.
  3. Suicide, especially of young people, is such a sad and senseless tragedy.
  4. Because she's dead she doesn't deserve respect?
  5. You're fucked up for posting all these stories of young girls dying, have some respect for the deceased.
  6. Cocaine is a helluva drug

  7. This.

    You mean as in the best way to die? I don't think so..
  8. Or to a much lesser extent, rosie larsen
  9. Can I guess:)- according to the information provided, she'd just had a kid so.... was suffering from post partum depression, which is harder on women with lower body fat (body fat produces estrogen and helps modify the mood disorders that may follow birth).
  10. You fools are making alot of fucking stupid assumptions. Apparently everyone here knows why she did it despite actually knowing her.

    How about this, who cares why she did it? It's sad either way. Show a little damn respect

  11. i said that to one of my friends less than 5 minutes ago before i stumbled onto this thread, lol.

    regarding the thread, you're so fucking twisted in the mental to put a fucking smoking face (symbolizing positive energy) on a post so fucking sad. she killed herself dude. she put a gun to her cranium because she was hurting and pulled the trigger. quite literally turned herself off because whatever she was feeling was too much to bear. when i think about that i almost feel like crying. you evil son of a bitch.

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