homebox silver,is it worth ?

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  2. Cant say I have one mate... But IMO... DIY is always better because its cheap... No paper trail of an "indoor garden", and completly custom....

    DIY can be just as good as store/online bought "hardware" if not better .... If done right that is lol... :smoking:
  3. I agree with the poster above, it can be much cheaper to build your own. But when yout hink about it, those huts pay for themselves pretty quickly. They accomodate everything you'll need for your grow anda re easy to take down/build. Not to mention they are pretty reliable if you take care of them.
  4. I have a regular homebox. I like them a lot and really suggest them for smaller sized grows. The new silver is a little more expensive but is suppose to be a lot more reflective. I dnt think it will make a whole lot of difference than the original but it is definitely better. I say go for it, the arent that expensive and they work real well and are usually a lot better than a home made box.
  5. I can tell you from recent experience, if you decide to build your own cab, not only do you have the ability to save a lot of money, but you can also have a lot of fun in the process. I really enjoyed planning, and building my growbox.. it was a ton of fun and I literally couldn't stop til i was finished. I'm still tweaking and modding it. Two things I can recommend are one... plan it out extensively before hand, and two... look around on here and gather ideas from other peoples setups. you can check mine out if you want below in my sig. good luck and have fun!:hello::smoking:

    stay high
  6. Imo I love grow tents. I have a secret jardin dr80 for my flower and a diy for my veg. The construction of the veg box was fun but if I could do it again I would of bought a tent from the begining. I feel they are much nicer and easier to work with. O yeah check out the secret jardin tents I think they are a little bit better quality then the homebox and have reflective insides like the picture. I got several pictures up of my dr80 in my journal if you wanna check this type of tent out
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    i dont want to buy darkroom secret jardin,
    because there are 2 different models - street edition and darkroom- .
    i have to buy online and i dont want to be defrauded.they may send me darkstreet although i bought darkroom.i will not be able to send back because of shipping cost(i will buy internatioanally )
    therefore,homebox silver is only way for me,because homebox silver has only one model and all of them is same quality.

    in addition,i calculate if i build my grow room.
    1)i will use mylar
    2)i will use MDF
    total price is almost same with homebox silver( yes ,life is too expensive in my country, i will import the homebox from holland
    thanks \t\t:wave:
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    I've been trying to find the DR100(3'3"x3'3") but cant find it here stateside.

    Please let me know if anyone knows where I can find one.

    Also the new silver hydro huts look pretty good too. I imagine that they have made damn sure there are no "issues" with these ones!
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    That is where I got mine from and I am in the states. Honestly I have stood side by side with a homebox and a darkroom and so has my woman, and she actually was the first to point out the major difference in quality comparing the the two. I am not trying to sell you on a Dark Room, I just want you to get the most out of your money and well I really love my DR80(obessed actually). Also BGHydro in the above does not carry the cheap street model which represents the Homeboxs.

    A user above said they hope they got the kinks worked out this time. Dude I sure hope because if they dont, that company should just be put out of business for killing so many inncocent plants :(.

    Also dont get me wrong here I am not completly bashing the Homeboxs I was actually going to buy one until I discoverd the Secret Jardin. O yeah and bghydro is a legit store and will not do any type of fraudulent business.

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