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Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Southeastish, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. Hi blades, I was gonna do a PC grow but I landed myself a free Homebox Mini so I figured I may aswell use that instead! It's 30x30x60cm so it's pretty small, however in my current position that size is perfect for a stealth grow.

    I was hoping though that you guys could help me with what lights I should use? Would it be right to use CFL's or LEDs in such a small space? Also, any recommendations for a quiet fan (I'm only intending to use one fan for exhaust, passive intake) that I could use with a phresh carbon filter (stealth is my main priority, I really don't want the smell to leak out unless I've got the tent open). Money isn't really an issue, so any suggestions are really appreciated! Cheers blades.

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