Homeaid Air Conditioning need expert help :)

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  1. hey whats up its so freaking hot and my parents wont use the ac cuz there cheap asses :D sooooo...im going to try to make a homeaid ac unit...

    i got some inspiration from this guy


    i plan on doing something similar but i think my idea will work alot better and im going to try to use dry ice!

    heres my plan

    attatch copper tubeing and coil it all around the front of the fan...i will run a platic tube from one end of the coper tubeing into a ice chest with ice water and a fish pump...attached to the fish pump i will have more copper tubeing and i will ziz zag it back and forth or do circle 8's with it..this part of the copper tubeing will go into another ice chest with DRY ICE then another plastic tube hooked up to the tubeing on the fan.

    i know that i cant keep the dry ice and water in the same chest or it will "smoke" but dose anyone have any advice or tips..is this idea completly retarted? tell me why if you think so

    and...anyone know if dry ice is safe to use in a closed room like this?
  2. NO it is not safe. Not at all. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide. When it melts (sublimates, whatever) it turns into gaseous CO2, which is heavier than air and will fill up a closed room from the ground up. If you run your AC at night so you can fall asleep you might not wake up.

    It might not be this serious in small amounts, but small amounts aren't going to last very long, and so would be pretty useless. Also, if you run straight water into the dry ice chest it's going to freeze up solid and you'll back water up everywhere. You'd have to put some kind of antifreeze into it. I don't know how cold dry ice gets offhand.

    Also, a fish pump pumps air...I think you'd need something else to make this work. Unless there is some other kind of fish pump I don't know about. The one I have is for bubbling air into the tank. Maybe a pump from a smallish decorative fountain?
  3. Yeah dry ice is dangerous, enough of it can put you to sleep or even kill you. Like 40 pounds though lol.
  4. dude, i think he tried it. :/
  5. damn this is disapointing news..i guess ill just have to rig up one with ice..i think i got a good idea
  6. Wanna go low tech? just put ice in bowl w/fan in front. We did this in ga prison. (No bowl. used sink)

    You can use trash can w/ ice. No pump needed. Learn to sphine(sp) and then the only elec you use is thd fan.

  7. i used to install carrier and such AC systems...and whenever i saw some techy lookin dude, i knew he tried to make his own first...people ALWAYS fuck up trying to get cooler.....my opinion is dont do it...even i dont know how to build an ac from scratch...and i worked in em
  8. Offer your parents $10 a month for running your own A/C- it will not be more than that per month. That should cover the electricity and be a whole lot less pain in the ass for you.

    On the topic of air conditioning, I heard an interesting theory in a training I had last week- it does have some good theories (wether it's true or not I do not know, I can see where they are coming from though).

    Did you know that A/C has had the number 1 social impact on our society and geography as people.

    Before A/C was in about 90% of the homes in America, neighborhoods were communities.

    For the most part, people were outside all day working until the dinner bell rang. The family ate as a family, or organized outdoor cooking events and ate in small groups (pot lucks, camp fire cooking).

    After dinner- the house was typically too warm (from the cooking) to be comfortable in so families would entertain themselves on the poarch. They woud talk to passer-bys, other families on their poarch, and even have social gatherings on the poarch.

    Now-a-days, people run the a/c. They are able to cook & eat inside, and then stay there for the majority of their off time.

    People do not get to know their neighbors, and community never developes (or is very rare).

    Perhaps this is why some of the poorest neighborhoods have some of the strongest communities- the kids play with each other, the families know each other, etc.

    Also- we as humans do have some natural instincts we are forgetting about. Typical humans are not "sexual" when over heated- how much procreation would be happening in arizona, nevada, new mexico without A/C?

    I found it interesting atleast.
  9. to the poster above..if there was no AC and heating people would probably be angry...heat causes irratability...or atleast in some of the customers i used to work with...

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