homeade bong vs steamroller

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  1. So me and my friend bought 2.4 grams of some pretty good weed, we are out of papers and are feeling rather creative lol. We were having a debate because he wants to make homeade bong and I say we make a papertowel steam roller. Wich one do u guys prefer?
  2. go buy yourself a 10 dollar bowl lol
  3. Neither. I prefer glass on glass.
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    Haha I think we all do, but if u had to pick between the two
  5. id buy a pack of papers.
  6. please dont make a papertowel steamroller.
    make an apple pipe if your this desperate
  7. make a waterfall
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    Wats a water fall?
  9. gravity bong.

    ull be so ripped.
  10. homade bong all the way

  11. Make a piece ( I use foil when in a pinch, rachet is better though). next attach piece to the top of a 2 litre bottle cap so that it is on top and air can flow into the bottle. Now put a small hole- small enough so you can block it with just a finger near the very bottom of the two litre. Pack the bowl, cover the hole, fill the two litre with water and put the cap back on. Now move your finger off the hole and torch the bud. It should pull the smoke into the bottle, once the water is gone inhale that jank.

    repeat steps listed above until you can't.

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