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  1. I am currently trying to build a homemade bong. I have already ordered, glass tubing, glass tube cutter and glass drill bits. All i need now is something that I can use to make a bowl at the end of the stem. GLASS ONLY. That is the reason I have so much trouble, I just don't like the look of the plastic bic pen attached to a socket. (call me a perfectionist). If you have any ideas or suggestions on where to get one or what to use, I am trying to stay relatively cheap, but I may venture into spending some money if it is worth it. I promise if I complete them pictures will be posted! Please Help Me Out!
  2. Why not just buy a bong? If your dead set on making your own, learn how to blow glass?
  3. I want to have said that I made my own bong.
  4. Well, assuming you don't want to just buy a glass bowl from a headshop...

    I would suggest going to local thrift stores, or places that carry kitchen and home goods. Look for small glass bowl shaped objects..like... egg holders, salt shakers, small containers, stuff like that...

    Keep in mind though, that most glass you will find out there is soda lime glass, the cheap stuff, and you run the risk of it breaking when heated, especially after you cut it or drill it in any way.

    Ideally, you'd want to look for borosilicate glass (pyrex), which you would probably find in any chemistry lab supply store, or, like i mentioned, for use in the kitchen...

    good luck! Enjoy the rewards of creating your own world!
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    you could use the top of a buchner funnel from a lab supplier.


    would be pretty good, not glass, but are designed to be heated and resist reacting with strong corrosive chemicals

    edit: here's glass versions, instead of the typical Porcelain

  6. Budkid and Meathod, Rep to both of you. I don't know if either will work out but thank you so much for the suggestions. Truly what Grasscity is all about. Anyone else who posts with a good answer that will help me, I will give u some rep as well.
  7. you will be better off buying a bowl intended for smoking. so what if one piece of yours isnt homemade, its just the bowl and it least it will be perfectly functional. they are inexpensive as well.

    and from the sounds of it, your homemade is going to be much more impressive than the ones that pop up here daily made out of plastic.
  8. Yeah, I am hoping so. I think I am going to end up doing that Steven. I am hoping to finish it and post some pictures soon.
  9. its probably worth it to just go out and buy a nice slide. pretty cheap, at least around here. my buddy picked up a new downstem and slide for only 4 bucks at my local head shop. though if it was completely homemade, that would be so sweet. good luck on whatever you do decide to do though! :smoke:

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