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Homeade Bong (HELP!)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nomotivation, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. I found this bottle and couldn't let it go as a makeshift bong. So I ran out got a glass drill bit and put it all together. It works, but the slide area is so close to the water which results in the water CONSTANTLY spilling out. I need to angle it downward more help me :eek:. I don't want to let this bad boy go...

  2. Holy shit, thats pretty fuckin' cool hahaha. :bongin:

  3. yeah and its probably gonna go to waste
  4. fill it up with less water and angle it away from the bowl when you're hitting it. You drilled it too far down
  5. has absolutely nothing to do with how far down it is.
  6. Thats pretty kickass bro! How much was the Bit?

    Should work if you angle the bong when you hit it btw
  7. It absolutely does have alot to do with how far down it is. If you had drilled it higher it wouldn't spill
  8. Imo youll probably have to find a way to seal that hole and put a next one a little higher up, i always found in making homemade bongs you had to make the hole bigger vertically so you can put the stem and or bowl in at more of an angle, then i would use something to seal around it, ive used hot glue before but it just melts if the piece gets too hot, ive also used sticky tak before to and gum when i had nothing else lol, but hey you gotta do what ya gotta do

  9. haha thats hilarious that you asked that it was almost 20 bucks ... I was going to buy an eighth and that went down the drain. I guess angling is the only way huh, I Might try and force it ... thanks
  10. Put sumthin under the stem right ouside the chamber. Is tht skyy or blu or watever its called?

  11. the slide isnt angled far down enough... the water would be up to the slide no mater how far up or down i drilled. the slide doesnt come close to the bottom of the other side it has plenty of room

  12. na sky has a normal bottle I think blu does too. This was actually a margarita mix
  13. Sorry man back to the liquor store.
  14. Move it to a 85-80 degree angle and ur good. dank bong tho
  15. Go to Walmart and get another bottle like that. Those are the margarita mix bottles they sell at Walmart.
  16. Nice kitchen too.
  17. Yeah gonna have to try again. Creation involves planning!!

    That's pretty bad ass that you have a glass drill bit though. Good luck on the next try, and remember, a straight hole into the bottle means the slide will want to go straight into the hole, if you can angle your drill a bit higher you should get a better result.

  18. Yeah I don't think its even possible unless I buy a longer slide, you can't drill with a glass drill bit from an angle because its a cut out bit... maybe you can actually Ill have to try its quite hard

  19. Plug the first hole. Drill a second?
  20. Just use the other bottle on the table. Duh

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