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home test kits-where to buy?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by BudPuppy, Jul 3, 2004.

  1. been bakin fer a loooooooong time since i was 14 (39 years old) (awesome scheit for the last 9 years, ripped 16 hours a day)...took a pre-employment piss test (construction...concrete work...oh da friggin humanity) this past monday. hadn't smoked for 10 days, high metabolism, drank cranberry juice and diet mt. dew all the previous weekend...had taken half of a $60 "one hour flush kit (GHF-from GNC containing "uva ursi leaf, alfalfa leaf, rice protien, creatine, tumeric ligustrum berry, milk thistle, barberry, juniper berry, licorice root, gentian root, corn silk, riboflavin, B2/20mg, pottassium chloride")...had taken the other half 7 days prior thinking i was gonna have to piss that day (whoops!).

    got a call from the clinic today asking me to call dr. so-in-so for an MRO call. called da prick and he won't be back till mid-day tuesday....makes fer a lovely weekend, heh.

    1- what would yawl guess my chances were of pissin clean?

    2-what midwest chain stores sell home test kits (k-mart, wal-mart, walgreens, etc)?

    3- what brand kits would yawl recomment?

    thanks in advance...not really sweatin it, just want to be prepaired...shmoke on brudders (and sistas)!!!
  2. Rite aid, walgreens, ect. Drugstores in general.

    They are around 30$ if u buy them in singles.

    I can't really say if you will pass your test or not, because I dont know how good those flush things work..some are just plain juice.

    I dont know any brands either, sorry.

    Goodluck, thc


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