Home test failed, real one next week ...

Discussion in 'General' started by pflipezr, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. I have not smoked going on 15 days now, and don’t plan to until I pass my drug test sometime next week. I am was not a huge smoker maybe 3-4 days a week but not large amounts. I have been drinking lots of water/green tea. (I am 5’10 170lbs) Before my drug test I wanted to check myself so I went and paid for the home test and it am still pissing hot. So that tells me chances are I still will be sometime next week when I take the real test.

    I went to the local smoke shop and he said the Omni drink is the best bet, he said that he has the same people buying them week after week for a reason. I do plan on buying the drink but I want that as a backup plan to make sure I am 100%. What other steps should I take for the next 3-4 days to help the process along.
  2. if you are going to take the drink you should be fine, just make sure you take it at the apropriate time.
  3. EAT ICE CREAM and watch Dharma and Greg re-runs.

  4. Thanks for the typical smart ass remark, please smoke for me ... :wave:
  5. You can always try goldenseal (some people i know swear by it) and exercise a bunch.
  6. THC is stored in fat. Try pigging out to fuck for a couple of days on absolute junk food, while still drinking a load of water. Then work out for a few days to burn all the fat off that the THC will be stored in,


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