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  1. STRAIN: unknown sativa
    SOIL: Fox Farm Ocean Floor
    NUTRIENTS: none b4 1st. Month of Fox Farm
    AGE: one month and two weeks
    LIGHTING: outside sun when clear sky's / inside: 2-40watt cool white (T12), 2-40watt soft white (T12), 2-40watt Sylvania Gro-Lux aquarium light, 2-23watt CFL 6500K, 3-18watt CFL 6500K
    WATER: Hinkley purified water
    VITAMINS: superthrive (only once so far, with transplants)
    TEMPS: fluctuates between 72•-78•F
    AIR FLOW: 1-12"x12" fan, 1-air purifier, and not to forget...Central Air conditioning through out room..

    Let me know what needs should be met, also if I'm on the right page. Thanks

    also: I can't check pH for run off or water intake. No funds at the moment

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