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Discussion in 'General' started by Immeco, May 5, 2011.

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    Lookin' to get a new stereo, since the one I have now sucks. Any suggestions? Price isn't really an issue, but I don't want something crazy fucking expensive. And good sound quality is a must, duh.

  2. start bumpin like this scallywag
  3. car or home stereo?
  4. Oh! Sorry, completely forgot to mention. Home stereo! Also, it needs to have a remote. XD
  5. like surround sound are you lookin for
  6. Nah dude, just something to play tunes on.
  7. How much money do you have to spend?
  8. hooked to computer or tv?
  9. Denon or pioneer elite all the way
  10. if size does not matter and your looking for something that'll shake your entire house pick up a pair of cerwin vegas and get a nice amp (at least 300watts). ive got 2 E-315s in my room and they are incredibly loud and clear. (great party speakers)
  11. how do you like you music? different brands of receivers and speakers tend to have different characteristics

    for a receiver/amp i would go with marantz as the top choice for sure. followed by denon, pioneer, and yamaha

    for speakers, i really like how polk audio sounds(not to warm and sharp, just perfect for my ears), but many people for speakers prefer different sounding ones. klipsch is one of the industry leaders, but they sound too sharp for my ears.
  12. Haha, you guys are awesome. I'm not really looking for SUPER COOL speakers and shit or anything. I'm lookin' to spend like 200-300 bucks, on something that can play CD's and I can plug my iPod into it. XD

    Don't really need party speakers, but I want something that can provide good quality tunage that's loud enough for when I'm baked and chillin' in my room.

    EDIT: Oh, to further elaborate, I don't just want speakers, I want the whole setup.
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    i run 4 xs 3way 12in cerwin vegas ... paper subs do pretty good if u place the speakers in the corners. i got to agree with the above . i have a aunt who live 1/4mile down the road and hears the bass coming from my home when its slient in her home . i dunno bout now but cerwin vega is always been good bout replacing subs and speakers if u manage to fry a speaker without blowing the fuse first . i must state i got my cerwin vegas from rex tv and home audio . when i got them home they were 4ohm house speakers . which i bridged on my denon home theater reciever that runs any speaker from 2-16ohms (AVR 3200) a lil old i know but still does its job wonderfully and has mutli digital and analog surround modes wirh on screen display . which allows u to lay the room out on your tv screen and place each speaker where it is in your room on screen with delays and per feet from listening area. my denon has managed to kill a few vegas in its time . i replaced the subs with JL audio W3 12's 40hm for car stereos and now i can crank her as loud as i like shake the house and still get good clean base from 30-50Hz range without distortion
  14. ^ HUH??? what did you say??

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