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home plate.......saaaaaaaafe!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. get off my cinnaburst lenny...when we get in the zone, this will be a rant..set back and melt into it with us
  2. i feel safe normsey...but about this lenny, I dunno, the first time I ever regurgitated into a situation like, like, I felt, i felt, well, warm and fuzzy...I dunno if that was just the good ole cinnaburst sparkin my flame or not, hell it could been all the whiskey and worms I took down the hatch, down the hatch! they SAY! but who ever knows whos talkin then...with those crazy sparks flying jesus the commericals were right
  3. when your guts twist around, impulsing, pulsing, pushing, squeezing, out comes the situation, born and bred from within....
    with one complex gag reflex you are thrown into a realm of unknowing and begins....regurgitation...
  4. it was just the one worm..I didnt mean to catch it on my treachea...hahahaha damn it tricked me I dont need this thing like a cling on! sworn to replusive unecessity, chugged, sucked and swallowed that pinion of the mexican fabled society! DOWN! it goes round n round like the lenny I will be to then found in about a few hour....! I go till then and spin!
  5. as you succumb to the parasites deep desires, which consist solely of torturing you with the conception that dreams are reality, and gravity does not in fact hold your living quarters in place, but instead forces them to tumble over and around, spiralling out of control, to the point that the only thing not moving is your ceiling fan on high.
  6. foot on floor, trying to grasp. ok here kids stop laughing...hahahahah, its funny as hell here! i got the giggles deep down inside this parasitic mind inside my inside..lemme concertrate I SEE AYE! another t.v. casulity as a movie can explain me, but this is real, my tongue it feels! its here and but ill spiral and go cant fight the aunt flow like a dog in heat sir ree..Ill plea, give in? give in to me!
  7. snap.
    like whiplash you are jerked into a warm, yet cool, crystal clear blue plain, your world stretches as far as the eye can see, but only that far...does that mean your own world is never ending?...maybe so, for this is the world of your imagination, here, you are king...the worms in your throat can consume you alive, or the sight alone of the most beautiful creations of your mind can cause every nerve in your subconcious to orgasm...this is your world...sit down, meditate, go wherever the fuck you want to go.
  8. word up, for shizzle

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  9. its my friend. its my buddy. i laugh, i chuckle, on the outside. and my mind, it harmonizes with the humor I find in this trip. the acception of the fact that i can do this puzzles and boggles, me with a grin of, nevertheless certainty. in a second I can have the matrix doing a dance on my sexaul thang, in another I can have the world in front of my doing little dances of life before me and I accept this as I am in control
  10. in here you are the master, each creature, each fairy, bending, melting, warping with each pulse of oxygen rich blood delivered to your cinnaburst, the flavor crystals glow and pulsate, then at your request your sexual needs are met, you are no longer hungry, you are fulfilled, you are full
    with each fluxuation of your desires, for a mere moment in your world, you can be truly happy...basking in the warmth of your own false, or is it, reality.
  11. BAM. the daddy delievered. O is achieved. you have succumbed, illiusioned, and swept yourself to the orgasmic dream. yet are you awake? why are you wet? are you yet? awake? wake your mind and the circuit who is this where are we? whats the score? whats next?
  12. whats next....
    its your world, truly, whatever you desire, it is your world, dark green, crawling with the energy of nature, sparking and arcing with primal instincts to hund down your own food, or mate for reproduction, and not for rape wrong, or merely instinct...its your world, rape, murder, eat, whips, chains, biting, scratching, clawing, life, death, you control it all...grasp that, i dare you
  13. cant kid a kidder...cant love a lover? hmmm....where is thi s exaclty? grasp. the continuum takes me under, I feel it, I can withhold. i know this...this odd wired dirty sexual innuendo. can I get free. am i done here? is there more to come? smile. charm, it all comes to grace and my face, dont look at me too swiftly...I do this. I am out. I am free, at, to....breathe..
  14. can you truly be free from yourself....heh, can...

    what a mindfuck.
  15. breathe. breathe. breathe. breathe. toy with me. minipulate. toy. i come, come to. come and come to again. only to realize wheres my friend? i feel, and fell yet at home, but dont feel quite just yet. just. justify. the reasons behind, give a laugh, take a minute and realize you aint done just with me some more will you? im game, I gotta be eh? got nothing else that this mind, body and soul is occupying now...just myself, me, and I in my own mind.
  16. is it possible to tear down, not only the walls of your own mind, but to cross the ruins of anothers fallen wall, to get inside anothers mind, to occupy two worlds at once, to manipulate anothers fantasies and desires, to change the way another things, to reprogram their mind, to alter their perception from within, challenge them to push themself..push themself over the edge and let go...challenge them to free themself
  17. laugh at how easy it is to tear down your own walls vs those of another. easy. laugh. simple. and they chuckle in the same defense. but, is it freeing them? is manipulation the key to free? laugh. and they wont chuckle in the same. but challenge is a whole other theme...and thats to ones own self, cant be defined by another. and thats when the truest is pushed and to occupy? two worlds? two minds? gotta loose one along the way unless the two, found...the love. then the simplicity is broken down, the most basic of all has been found.
  18. that requires not only the walls, barriers, safeguards to be torn down, but for not only ones own, but anothers very psyche to be unraveled, poked, prodded, petted, kicked, kissed...stripped down, both psyches to be bare, unprotected, much like a snake must feel after shedding its skin...not quite safe.....yet confident enough in its own world to feel safe, is love safety..or is lenny just tired...who knows...when the ceiling fan stops spinning, they all get off somewhere.
  19. is this...possibly just a drug that i am on? i still laugh at that fact. but the feel...the feeling you can never dismiss..all so good here...yet never unvieling the true uncertainty of any drug you admire and will to wish yourself to...and yet you come to a point. and for once, think, for your....once...hmmm...lawrence is mmmmmm mmmm good, lenny is tight for tonight and you my friend, hmmm...feel aight. think for yourself here, whos fan blows this upon me? whos vision is this i see this fine tripped out night?
  20. the day destroys the night...the night devides the day..
    is it really that obvious
    are we really that oblivious
    open your god damned mother fucking mind and look...
    look at everything as a blind man would

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