Home-made wine.

Discussion in 'General' started by blowteinfluence, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. fuckss me up.

    thats alll.
  2. My boyfriend just met an old guy that brews his wine. He gave us a couple bottles of it, and it was fucking strong. It was called, "if she won't, she will"... pretty sure I never said no to anything that night.
  3. ha i hear you.

    i only drank two glasses. an d i am feeling reall swell.
  4. My first thought was pruno..

    I sure hope not.
  5. YES! My Italian great-grandfather made that during prohibition in Chicago's most Italian neighborhood called Cicero. My grandpa even met Ol' Caponey a couple times when he was a little kid.
    You could make up to 187.5 liters (250 bottles) of wine and have it remain legal, as long as you weren't selling it. Even though my family was poor at the time, (and so was everyone else, as it was the Great Depression) they never sold it for profit. They kept a good portion for themselves and gave the rest to their neighbors. It's kinda weird thinking how close of friends neighbors used to be. Not usually the case anymore, at least in big cities.

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