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  1. This is one of my few posts on this forum, and I would like to share with you my newest build. This is a home engineered vaporizer that I built two days ago. It is based off of the simple soldering iron concept, but I stepped up the build a little bit.


    Parts List:
    Wooden Box - Hobby Lobby: $3
    Glass Jar - Hobby Lobby: $1.50
    15watt Soldering Iron - Radio Shack: $9
    Blue LED Lamp - Radio Shack: $2
    Wire Screws - Radio Shack: $2
    600watt Light Dimmer - Lowes: $5
    20feet surgical grade hose - Lowes: $4
    Hose Quick Connect - Lowes: $2
    Melon Baller - Walmart: $2
    Aluminum Dial: Freebie

    Total Cost: ~$30

    Step 1: Fitting the dimmer. The ends were a bit long, about 1/4" on either side of the box, so I grinded them down to size with a bench grinder so that it held up with friction.

    Step 2: Cutting/Drilling the holes. I marked where the stem of the dimmer would go through the front and drilled a hole for it to pass through, thus marking the location of the knob.


    I used that smaller hole as a guide for a hole saw just a little bit smaller than the aluminum dial I pulled off an old radio. I also drilled the hole for the hose to go through the front.


    Using a dremel, I sanded the hole to fit the dial perfectly and cleaned up any rough edges. I glued the dimmer to the inside front of the box with simple elmer's glue letting it dry over night, and then attached the dial.


    Next I picked the placement of the glas jar enclosure. Using the lid as a guide, I traced the inner and outer diameter to see where it would be glued to the top later on. Then I drilled and tapped the hole for the hose inlet, and drilled a clean hole for the light. The hose inlet was later turned into a spot for the iron via hole saw, and I moved the inlet more towards the front.


    Step 3: Prepping the Bowl. I used a melon baller from Walmart for the bowl. Using a cutting wheel on the dremel, it came off like butter and then I grinded down the knub to a smooth surface


    A metric screw bolted the bowl down to the iron tip.


    This picture shows the new placement of the iron, hose inlet, and light.


    Step 4: Wiring the circuit. I used a simple circuit to complete the connection. I had to cut the power cord to the iron to run it through the back of the box to be reconnected later. I also cut off the end of the plastic iron handle so it would fit the height of the box. But whatever you do, don't forget to re-attach the ground wire to the iron. I learned this the hard way: thank science for breakers, otherwise I would have turned into a transformer in my bedroom.
    Step 5: Piecing it all together. Circuit now complete, I was able to rewire it together inside of the box and it all fit quite nicely. I ran the hose through the front hole in the box and up to the quick connect.
    Step 6: First I super glued down the lid to the top of the box, then ran a bead of hot glue around the outer edge for good measure. I also glued the power cord into the back hole so that it wasn't tugging on the electrics inside.

    And there you have it! Total time of building was about 3 hours minus the time it took the glue to dry. The aluminum dial on the front is the on/off button. Just give it a push and the light comes on, which also dims with the temperature as you turn the dial up and down. I have not had a chance to check the temperature yet, but I suspect that the iron is not heating up my green enough because it is not giving off as much vapor as I expect it should, if this is the case i'll get a 30watt iron and rewire it in.


    Thanks for looking!
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  2. Holy fuck dude, that thing looks intense!! Very crafty i must say, if you can get those to work well u should just keep building them and sell them too people ahah!:smoke: But ya thats 1 intense home made man. Ive seen like home made lightbulb vapes n shit but u went the whole 9 yards eh aha. +Rep
  3. So... Fucking.... Cool! +++Rep!
  4. where do you live because i think this could be my cousin

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  5. Damn.... Fuckin A+ job. Was this your own design?
  6. you should look into engineering as a career good stuff
  7. Close, I'm a physics major (started out as aerospace and mechanical engineering though ;) ).

    Thanks. I've had the idea in my head for a while now and just kind of went with it. I didn't have any plans drawn, just the idea and sort of pieced it together in my head as I went. That's usually how I make my home made smoking devices. Hobby Lobby had the wooden box that fit the iron perfectly and the only thing I could think of for the glass was a screw on jar. I went to walmart looking for stainless steel soup ladles for the bowl but found that melon baller instead.

    Lol, uh, somewhere in the midwest. I knew someone would read those names LOL

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I'm thinking about staining the wood dark brown and then sealing it. Maybe after that I'll post a step by step how to on my glass water pipes.

  8. Well, shit. I've been building my own but I won't have the electronics till I get back in February. This just takes all the novelty out of mine. Oh well, rep for a job well done.
  9. subscribed. Nicely done. I would like the point out the many different box sizes and designs have blank surfaces ready for design or painting. Great thread! :hello:
  10. Thanks!

    I'd like to point out that at the moment I am having difficulty with getting the iron to heat the bowl to ~350*F. The iron tip itself is getting hotter than 400*F, but the screw does not seem to conduct heat very well. I am going to try several different screws and see if I can get a better result, and if that doesn't work I'll replace the 15w iron with a 40w (has a bigger tip, which means more heat and a bigger connection).
  11. Hey this is a great giy vaporizer u got here, i've been following ur buld for a few days.

    just the part where u have the Blue lamp. i have had 2 of the same exact ones 12V lamp from radioshack. But they both blew on 2 different occasion testing them with the same wiring u have :/

    why wont mine light up and not blow. did you use a resistor on them?
  12. diy vaporizer*
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    Hey man, you need to ditch the iron tip for one that is ceramic (supposedly the metal can leech into the vapour over time). You can pick up a Hakko 454 for around 30 bucks.

    Otherwise good job man
  14. Did you ever try the 30w Iron instead of the 15w? If so, was that more conducive to vaporization?

    My second question is how is the airflow? I know a vaporizer requires an air pump to guarantee a constant air flow (at least this is the case with the volcano) in order to achieve best results. In your model it appears that there is no room for any sort of air to seep into the mason jar, which makes it seem like the mason jar would slowly turn into a vacuum if every hole had been sealed. I'm sure it would still hit as the vapor was produced, but I was wondering if it hit with ease.

    I appreciate any feed back

  15. Hi I'm just curious, did u ever figure out the problem with the ground?
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    I made it! the same concept but i used a 35W Solder iron and it works like a charm! I also didnt use a lamp dimmer because coudnt get one but rips look perfect seems to be getting to the exact temperture needed but havnt checked how hot it exactly stops at but thanks for this awesome build bro!Edit: i also screwed the lid to the box due to the Superglue melting.
  17. holy shit..
    the question is though … does it actually work well?

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