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Home made smoking tools

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by gripitandripit, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. I want to try to make different homemade smoking tools. Like the gravity bong and such. List the supplies, the set up, and how well it gets up in the clouds. Pics would be awesome.
  2. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrup.... ! buddy you just won the razberry........ haha if u aint got the nig-riggen skills then u ait got shit sorry bud

  3. Grav bong supplies:

    5 gallon bucket
    1 galon milk jug
    Bowl piece from a bong or something that will work as one


    Fill bucket with water.
    Cut off bottom of milk jug.
    Cut hole in milk cap to fit bowl piece.
    Enjoy :)

    If that's not more than enough info for you then you need serious help.
  4. My buddy made a gravity bong out of a water jug my sis used to have, a 2-liter bottle, a metal bowl.
    Use the water jug to contain the water and ice.
    Use a knife, preferably x-acto or better yet a drill, and make a hole in the 2-liter bottle cap. Make the hole large enough to support the bowl but not too large. you want everything to be air tight so you get all the smoke.
    everything you burn will be the hit so measure it well. pull the 2-liter up to the top as you ligjt the bud but DO NOT PULL THE 2-LITER OUT! THIS WILL TERMINATE YOUR HIT!
    Unscrew the cap off the 2-liter and take your hit. =D
  5. anopther cool thing to do is a waterfall. take like a big arizona icetea bottle from sheets, and put the bowl in the lid. then cut a small hole (size of a penny or dime) in the bottom. fill it with water (covering hole with your finger), have a friend light it and release your finger. then u have a bottle of smoke my friend...

  6. thats funny cause a just posted a thread on that exact same thing, i use a sobe bottle. awesome bong!
  7. save your water, duct tape a cut off piece of a garbage bag (preferably a corner) to the bottom of the milk jug. make it so if fits well inside the jug, leaving a bit of space from the bag to the bottom of the cap and stem. Duct tape a handle onto the end of the garbage bag. The rest is common sense.

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