home made Smarty pots

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    for the due it your selfer save up 12 cardboard egg cartons

    materials needed

    2 metal coat hangers
    window weather shrink wrap
    blow dryer
    sharp knife
    garbage bag

    untie your coat hangers and straighten them out
    smoke a bowl then cut all the holes in egg cartons should take about 2 - 4 hrs pending on how good your smoke is lol

    step one useing your staple gun start stapling the egg cartons together making a circular pot
    step 2 now take your coat hangers and place then one on top and one on bottom using pliers to tighten them up so it all stays together place coat hangers in in between not on outter bumps
    step 3 take your window shrink wrap and wrap it around the egg carton
    then blow dry
    step 4 get a garbage bag and place it inside your pot filling it up with your soil once its full and sorta packed in
    get a knife and poke thru all the holes

    there a home made smarty pot lol

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