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Discussion in 'General' started by Tas BB, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys
    woo hoo second post:hello:

    in the past i have seen a few threads with people wondering about weights and having no scales, well this problem is now solved


    here you can make you own homemade scales using a ruler and some coins for weights, depending what country you are from you can go to your countrys mint site and it should tell you the weights of each coin of your curency, by simpley using the formular you can find how far along to put the coin to give you the correct weight, i just finshed making it and yes! it actually does work, with a bit of fine tuning you can get it suprisingly acurate

    cheers cya
  2. thats pretty cool.. too bad i just got a new digi
  3. why bother .. you can get yourself a nice digy for 7 bucks from eBay
  4. i was just saying that people have asked for what weights looks like and maybe they need it right away or can not affored a real scale so i just thought this could be a good idea for those people, it certainly was a great help for me and im sure it will be to someone else

  5. personally I'm too lazy to go through all that shit when you can get a digi off ebay for dirt cheap.

    Not bad for those with incentive and don't wanna break the bank buying an $8 scale.
  6. Yeah i've heard of that, it came up a couple years back on overgrow.

    Great idea, I'm sure people can use this to their advantage if done right.

    But IMHO, buying a scale is wayy easier... Im actually trying to get rid of a few because I've got about 4.:p

    Buy a scale, works wonders.


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