Home Made Pot Stem Pipe

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    Hey Everyone,

    Thought I'd share my latest creation.. a pipe made from the base stem from my last
    grow. It's a single piece, carved with an xacto knife and a wire coat hanger :)

    I sanded it all down, its smooth as glass and narrowed down the end for better
    contact. The first few hits were "stemmy" tasting, but now its mellow.. I know it'll
    just burn away after awhile, but thought It'd be cool to try out.

    Here are the pics:

    The Whole Pipe

    The Bowl
    The End
    The Bowl packed with Bud

    Take Care!

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  2. The first two are the same picture, and the last two are the same picture.

    Thats a really sweet pipe though. Me and a friend of mine were talking about doing that awhile ago.
  3. AHH!! Thanks for pointing that out.. corrected now.

    I am hoping that the heat and resin "harden" it, but Im not going to
    hold my breath on that.. Thanks man :)

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  4. +rep on the homegrown looks very proper.
  5. you should put a real bowl in there. what are the dimensions?
  6. haha nice what a classic
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    I could fit a bowl with a 5/16th sized flange in there.. I actually have one around here somewhere, I
    will check around. That'd be tits :)

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  8. Thanks man.. I appreciate it! You can see my harvest here..

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  9. that shit was straight weedified
  10. Yeah.. kinda makes me feel a little cannibalistic in that the same bud this plant grew
    is being smoked through its own stem.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  11. I tried that same thing, I didnt make the bowl so well and ended up using it as a straw...nothing like drinking sodie-pop from a big ass stem :rolleyes:

    +rep for recycling!

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