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Discussion in 'General' started by hypnogreen, May 26, 2009.

  1. Well Ive been dieing to try my hand at this for a while and i finally have the extra time. I have two brews going on right now one is a 5 gallon hard cider with hints of lemon and orange. This is going to be about 10 to 15% alcohol and wont be distilled although im going to clear it.

    The second one is a little under 8 gallons maybe 7 of ice tea, back-sweetened with high pulp (for flavor) Florida orange juice and lime and about 2 cups of corn sugar/white sugar in a 3 to 1 ratio, per container. This is going to be my baby. Its all brewing separately in 1 gallon Arizona jugs because brewing ice tea is very temperamental. After its done fermenting im going to distill it to about 85 to 95 proof and if all goes well it should taste great!

    there are some pics below . unfortunately i cant take the lid off the cider yet because if i let oxygen into the barrel too soon i will get nothing but vinegar from the whole barrel.

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  2. I still don't understand the full process on how to brew alcohol but looks nice.
  3. Good luck with the blindness.

  4. The only substance that cause blindness when added into the process of feremntation are hard woods with excess sugar like maple or dog wood.

    That was a myth started during prohibition just like Marijuana is a deadly drug.
  5. Totz man dat homie is scury!:eek:
  6. Rot some fruit in a jug put it in the frezzer every thing will freeze but the alcohol pore it off into another jug drink it get shitfaced :smoking:

  7. I always wondered how freeze distilling worked but i assume that that would not.. Since you can freeze beer...

    Anyway I just got the first co2 bubbles from the ice tea mix. I have 3 containers made and mixed and 5 more to go.
  8. the water in beer will freeze and its 95% water... Water freezes at 0C (32F) and the freezing point of ethanol alcohol is -114C
    24 proof liquor freezes at -6.7C (20F)
    64 proof liquor freezes at -23.33C (-10F)
    84 proof liquor freezes at -34.44C (-30F) (-173.2F).
    ever herd of hard cider, I make powerful brandy evey year this way. then I add it to fruit juice. I gave up all the work of brewing and distilling a long time ago...give it a try :smoking:

  9. Ill give it a try. although bacteria, as harmless as it might be changes the flavor alcohol making it very bitter. Wouldnt this method be bacteria ridden?
  10. alcohol is the excretion (piss and shit ) of bacteria would not affect the taste only what you add it to would.

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