Home made light cooler?

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  1. Does anyone have an opinion on this?

    If I cut I hole above where the bulb is on my reflector and attach my vent fan to it via ducting- would that help keep temps down?
  2. if temperature 50C is good but can you measure the current temperature above the reflector? i know its from a old its size is about 2.5 inch square.
  3. Air needs to move through the hood so you would need two holes, one for intake and one for exhaust.

    Many people make their own cool tubes using a pyrex glass bread baking tube (you can find them on ebay).
  4. I had one in my old place but my new one is only as wide as my reflector so the ducting won't fit- I may give it a try any way- temps are at 85 and I have a 5" out take with a 4" intake inline!!!
  5. My new space is 4 ft by 2.5ft by 8ft high as well do vastly bigger- my currant plant from my old space is waiting to go in- looking though
  6. Current plant 3 and a half weeks into flower

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