Home Made Inline Bubbler... Bong? lol

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by DiAmOnD RaStA, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. I dunno if this is a big ass bub, or a bong.. but check it. lol. mad bored.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzNE0UlJLwo"]YouTube - homemadeinline[/ame]

    ...didnt feel like goin out tonight, this is what resulted. 2 hit was too crucial, shuddup.
  2. Bongs have stems, yours is close enough. I don't think people will hassle you for calling it either.

    Very nice creation, but plastic kills.

    Don't worry about coughing hits, as long as you feel good.

    Nice creation man, +rep.
  3. that is pretty dope! i might make my own!
  4. Hahaha thats too cool!! Im lovin the slider too its wicked. 10/10
  5. Don't worry, didn't go out either, least you had bud though :/ haha
  6. nice bro. and the plastic is really hard (pill bottle) and very far from an open heat source.
    you'll be fine.
  7. Pretty nice as far as homemade goes, with a full metal/glass stem that would be even better.

    Directions and specifics?
  8. not bad very creative
  9. yeah good look!
  10. hahahaha that thing is awesome and +rep for coughing your brains out!!!!
  11. Past couple weekends have been crazy, figured id ease up last night so I can go play tonight :)

    Yeah, this isnt my first homemade. Ive been making bongs for like 10+years lol, I know what to use and what not to use.

    Thanks, I tried not to use ANY tape at all, but still used hot glue to connect everything.

    I knew I should have made a "How To" instead of this thread... maybe next time? Specs are... diffused downstem and 15 slits in the inline... lol other then that I dunno!?! Just kinda fit everything together, the mouthpeice was the hardest part for sure, I cut an upside down U on each side, so that it would fit snuggly on the gatorade bottle.... and glued it up. Couldnt get any good ideas on how to carb it, so thats why the cap is twisted off...

    haha thanks, need to cut back on the cigs, would prolly help me out
  12. You can probably just drill holes to carb it... but home made sliders are pimp.

    Is it illegal to own home made paraphernalia?
  13. nah I dont think a hole for a carb is the way to go on this thing lol.

    im pretty sure its illegal cuz it still has the thc residue and shit in it...
  14. :rolleyes:you gotta be fucking kidding
  15. Kidding about what?

    You can put a carb in it... but I wouldnt want to.

    And, why is it illegal to own a bunch of gatorade bottles glued together? Provided you clean it to get the resin off.

    I made an idiot of myself somehow I think... :(
  16. that thing rips! i love this man, great invention. i might have to attempt to make something similar to this, is that a blunt tube you used for the inline part?
  17. Yeah, its an XL blunt tube. the reg ones just look too small.

    Honestly, it was just as easy to make as any other home made bong like a perc or something. Just gotta make sure its air tight!!!
  18. yo it doesnt matter if you "clean" them its still a pipe and yes its illegal. its very hard to clean a bong to the point were it becomes legal again, if that shit can happen. point is if the cops come in and see any type of pipe, your busted. glued together or hand blown glass, they dont give a fuck
  19. very very creative, props
  20. guess i should post this here too lol

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cD4xdzS115I"]YouTube - Closer look at home made inline[/ame]

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