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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by bishopthenomad, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. if anyone has some good advice about this, i would appreciate any advice you could give...i am wanting to spend about $400-500 on box, lights and fans. i have never grown indoors...thanx

  2. where can i find the computer fans to put on the box? are they hard to instal? know almost nothing when it comes to fans...also, would a 200 watt hps be too much light or create too much heat...thanx...

  3. I dunno where youre living but you can find computer fans on the net,
    search around and im sure youll find em,theyre simple to install
    you get an adapter and connect the wires up,usually 12vdc
    how many plants u thinkin of growing?
    youll need at least 1 square foot floor space and maybe 5ft per plant,
    More light isnt gonna do the plants any harm but temperature is important
    so make sure you do a good job on the ventilation,
    Good luck!
  4. i am thinking of a small box to put in a spare closet...2X2X5 is what i am thinking about...can i fix the computer fans to come on and off when it needs it. i am only wanting a plant, at the most two. this will be my first grow inside and i want to start small and learn before i try the bigger hid lamps...thanx

  5. Ventilation is one of those subjects,
    Everyone has their own way of doing it so whats right for someone else may not be right for you.
    unfortunately theres no way of telling until you make the box and try a test run to see what the temp is like, then u can adjust the fans accordingly.
    Whatever you do, dont do a half-assed job on the ventilation cos it will cause nothing but problems in the future.
    Have a look around the city and youll find all the info and ideas u need to do a good job.
    P:S: incase u havent got a grow guide, check out http://www.mellowgold.com/grow/
    Good luck,
  6. you knkow what i'm gonna say. 150w HPS at home depot, $45;)

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