Home-made glass diffuser downstems - Assistance Please!

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  1. I ordered a 12mm diamond crusted hole drill bit and it works like a charm for drilling holes in glass vases to make homemade bongs...

    My next project was to make my own glass diffuser downstems which I can put into the bongs I make and use with either a glass drop cone (just a simple glass cone with nothing attached, sits on top of the stem) or a glass slide cone (the kind with the grommets).

    The original idea for making my own diffused downstem was to cut slits in the side of a 12mm diameter test tube near the bottom... after investigating what a normal rotary tool cut-off wheel can do to glass (shit all - cuts so slow I haven't gotten through glass yet) I investigated a diamond cut-off wheel for making the slits... but alas I hear they leave a poor finish on glass and may not be suited to the job... I am at a loss here can someone please tell me the appropriate tool for making these slits? Preferably for a household drill.

    The new idea (not sure on this one yet) is that I might be able to get a diamond crusted etching tool and by holding it in the same place, cut holes in the bottom of the tube to make a more traditional diffuser with the round holes... any ideas if this will work? Or another method of making such small holes in glass so close together without cracking/smashing?

    TLDR: Basically to sum up this thread, I need help with the appropriate tool/bit to cut slits (or possibly very small holes, very close together) in the bottom end of a glass test tube to make a diffuser downstem for my homemade glass bongs.

    If anyone can please offer some help on the matter it would be much appreciated... I am currently at a standstill on my project... importing glass on glass or slide with grommet style stems and cones is an option but due to the cost it will only be an option for a small handful of the better pieces I make.

    I'll be sure to post pics when they're done, too! - I want to make multiple bongs for me and each of my friends and maybe even sell a few... Fighting the NZ glass bong crisis!
  2. I'm not exactly sure what you mean, but I get the idea. When I cut test tubes, I soak a string in fingernail polish remover, tie it around the tube, light it on fire, then, quickly put it in cool water. It should fracture neatly along the line.
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    I can find lots of tools on the internet for cutting through glass or glass tubing, or even for scoring it so it can be cracked neatly... but seemingly not for making a slit in the glass as seen in this slit-hole diffuser. (not the best picture and their cuts aren't exactly clean, but at least it's clear what I mean). Why does this seem so difficult? It's probably not so much hard to make something for as too few uses for such a thing for one to be readily available I guess...

    @Funroe420: Thanks for the quick reply... That's a very handy method for taking the bottom of the tube off, thanks! If I fail at making diffused downstems I will likely use that method for knocking the bottoms off for normal downstems... However I remain in the search for the ideal cheap home made diffuser.

    More ideas anyone? Pretty please? =P
  4. i use a very small bit attachment for my rotary tool to drill my holes but shit drilling a lot would take along timee. I know its not glass but i cameup with a homemade diffuser that i use quite frequently, the shell of a barbeque lighter already has holes and everything, just gotta make sure it doesnt split.

    [​IMG]sorry i am of no help to your actual problem haha
  5. ...When you say very small drill bit, what does it look like? How small? I have a 1/2" hole saw type diamond crusted bit... I want to find a drill bit for 1mm holes (idk how big diffuser goles are) or alternatively cutting slits.

    Thanks for your help on the bbq lighter! However I'm placing more emphasis on glass than home made in this instance.

    Anyone else might be able to lend a hand?

    EDIT: Anyone have a diamond crusted glass etching bit and want to try and cut a tiny hole in a bottle for me? lol
  6. Thanks heaps for that link but alas the tool for the job does not seem to be on there unless one of the power tools that costs hundreds (which seems likely) can do it... But if I was a man of incredible means I'd just buy expensive stems from online headshops...

    Again, thankyou very much for trying... the interweb and simple search engine usage doesn't toss much up in the way of solving my problem...

    However I have purchased a 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5mm diamond coated twist drill set and am hoping the diamond coating will allow it to cut with sufficiently little added tension on the glass HOPEFULLY allowing me to drill holes close enough together...
    I'm thinking of using the 1 or 1.5 or something... probably experimenting with all of them.

    Anyone want to save me a little trouble and measure a hole in a diffuser downstem for me so I know what rough size to shoot for? It would be much appreciated.

    *The hunt continues*
  7. Well, I did notice on that website a lot of those glass cutting tools emitted an oil when pressure was applied to cut. So if you are going to attempt to drill holes maybe try that oil lubricant when you do. Id also raise the temperature of the glass prior to drilling and maybe somehow fill the down stem with something.. so pressure from the drill bit would disperse better. an expanding foam perhaps.
  8. Use a dremel tool and a set of diamond bits I have drilled many glass tubes, bottles and stems with one.
    You want to cut it in water so that the glass and tip of the bit ALWAYS stays wet. When the bit is dry it will get hot and the diamonds will fall off.
    Dremel brand does not make diamond bits you have to get them online or local.
    I have a place called harbor fright that sells a set for less then 20 bucks. You can pick up a dremel for about 80 it's well worth it the one im use'n now i bought in 1995.
    The dremel is A LOT easier to handel then a drill and it runs at higher speeds and wont bounce around and break your glass-


  9. I saw make it a puncture hole diffusers. just drill a ton of lil holes in itl
  10. Sweet guys, those last 2 posts were real helpful!
    (that picture of those dremel bits is exactly what I meant by those engraving bits)
    As I've already bought those diamond coated twist drill bits from an internet auction site, along with glass cones and test tubes I'll try that out, but if it doesn't work out some of those would work a treat... thanks heaps =D

    I don't mind lots of work... Just not lots of money lol
  11. I've never made a pice before, but I just drilled the right size hole in my tequila bottle. I've got the downstem and I'm planing on using these puppies from harbor freight (thanks for the tip on where to find cheap diamond supplies) to make the slits to make it a diffuser. The part itself was cheap but shipping was 7 bucks.

    5 Piece Diamond Mini-Cutting Discs

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