Home made Dual perc bong!/story

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  1. a couple days ago i was bored and a couple more of days ago i hit my friends dual perc bong and i was amazed by it amazingness:D. so today i got an idea to make one of my own. i made it, brought it to my friend who smokes alot and we hit it up and it was almost as good as the professional one!!it was awsome. unfortunately when me and my friend let my other friemds house, we stopped at my local park, there my dumbass friend took it out of his backpack cuz he didnt want to carry it anymore and put it on the bench.as he was doing that united global security something, our local kinda security people, pulled up and we took a run for it. idk what he did with it because the slide was taken out and and it kinda looked like a rocket.so now, we dont have it anymore=(, but i made a diagram on what it was kinda like,
    if anyone wants details on how to make it, let me know, ill make a tutorial=)

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  2. Was it really the size of a person?

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