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Home Made Bongs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WookiesAreCool, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. Home made bongs, what is the best and simplest way to make a homemade bong for a one time use deal...... somethin simple so i can make it fairly quickly...


  2. Can't you just hear people typing up the word, "search" yet? I'd say a 20oz plastic bottle or bigger(gatorade's etc have bong-like mouth pieces). Now where the female stem will go you put your lighter up to it so it makes a small hole, then stick through anything you can find in your house that would suffice; mini-flashlight carcass, pen tube, whatever. Next just get something for a bowl, if it's just a one-time thing I would go with tinfoil if you havn't anything else at your disposal, like a bowl from a metal pipe or bong say. Use tape to seal it up airtight, ghetto, yes I know. BAM! You got yourself a home-mader.
  3. haha, gotta lay off the pipe..... somebody kill this thread so i dont have to live in such shame...


  4. make a gravity bong man. here's how you make one in ten easy steps:

    1. get a cooler that a gallon iced tea jug can fully fit it and get a gallon iced tea jug

    2. cut off the bottom of iced tea jug

    3. make a slide-like bowl out of something like a pen and tin-foil (using an actual slide works the best.

    4. cut a hole in the cap of the iced tea jug and slide the slide into it and make sure it is air-tight

    5. fill cooler with water and pack bowl

    6. take cap off and submerse the jug in cooler (cap side up) so that the water is about an inch below were the cap screws on

    7. put cap on

    8. light the herb for a couple seconds to heat it up. then, while keeping lighter lit, slowly put the jug up away from water. (you will see jug start to fill with smoke)

    9. Pull up until bottom of jug is an inch away from being exposed. stop lighting. (the jug should be filled with smoke

    10. take cap of and quickly put your mouth on opening, push down hard while sucking in when you're about to cough (you will) pull out and cover top

    they are the best thing i have ever hit, it seems difficult but it really take no time to make and not time to actually hit. HAVE FUN!!!
  5. can you use one of those sunny delight jugs?

    i think they are like 2 quarts.

    i really wanna try this tonight but the milk jug is full. =\

    edit:* scratch that i just found a milk jug in the commingled box.

    do you need to use a cooler to do this though? i was under the impression it could be done without.

    edit edit:* this milk jug smells like ass.

  6. You could use a full sink or bathtub or just a bucket.
  7. You can really use anything you want to make a gravity bong. If you needed to you could use a 20 oz and a large cup.

  8. yeah but that doesnt make for very big hits...

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