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Home made bongs

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Charliec, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. I'm thinking about making bongs and selling them but I don't know much about glass. I want to decorate them with glass but I'm not sure how to attatch the glass decorations to the bongs. Can anyone tell me how?
  2. lots of heat.
  3. This is probably not going to end well...
  4. Take a glass blowing class and spend about $500 on some equipment + $200 for a solid steel work table.

    Also get health insurance....
  5. I'll post pictures after my first attempt.
  6. looking forward to see it, just do what king of kings said, if you get good at glassblowing and open up a shop where you sell YOUR custom glass then you won't have to deal with buying from retailers for resell so thats alot of expenses cutout right there. They taught some minor glassblowing in my art classes in highschool it's not that hard to grasp, just hard to master.
  7. I sold homemade bongs in high school
  8. Growing up my parents operated a stained glass store, and i can off some advice if you like.

    The above advice about taking a class is a very good idea some places that sell the equipment will offer introductory courses with the items needed included.

    There are many safety concerns when working with heated glass or metal. Not the least of which is vision damage both trauma from heat or heated material and also a high risk of cataract. Make sure to at least do solid research on the subject before you get started and your first purchase should be a few safety items.

    The way most glass work is done regarding pipes is with a "glory hole" or furnace which is used to heat the glass. The after work or details such as beads and decoration can be done using a handheld torch and glass working pliers or tongs.

    Since all this is done at very high temperatures the margin for error both regarding the end result and safety is very low.

    Here is a link to a set of the specialized tools used for this craft no idea about the seller just an image to give you an idea of what tools are used outside the furnace and torch.
    Glass Blowing Starter Kits for Beginners

    Here is another link with a guide to also give you some more specific info.
    the Starving Artist's guide to Glass Blowing

    Good luck with it its a very fun craft I don't do it anymore got tired of burns but enjoyed working with glass and had a chance to make some really cool stuff.
  9. Did you not see 1000 Ways to Die? Like 4 kids tried to make a bong. Shit exploded and killed all of them.
  10. Nottatumor- thanks!
  11. Go to garage sales. Buy some vases. Buy glass drill bit, less than $15. I make my own bowls with sockets and silver solder them to brass pipe, requires a propane torch. I always use lead free plumbing solder.

    Oooooohhhh shit I'm super stoned.... !

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