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home-made bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by juniorgong, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. im making a bong out of a propell bottle =D and i got a question bout the bowl. is it safe to use a socket bit?
  2. make sure and put some aluminum foil inside it or something
  3. Don't listen to this. Do not use aluminum foil, you shouldn't be inhaling the fumes from it.

    As for using a socket, I'm not sure on that, we've had to use them in the past and they didn't seem to harm anything.
  4. Heres both sides to the argument.

    Aluminum Foil: Some people say smoking aluminum can give you alzheimers. It is not proven but alzheimers paitients have an elevated level of aluminum in their brains. It is not proven smoking aluminum causes this. I am a welder and i weld aluminum all the time with no respirator. Im fine and ive been doing it for years.

    Socket: Some sockets can be very dirty inside and hard to clean. Whats the number one spilled substance in a garage? OIL. I would not like to smoke oil.

    I would smoke outta aluminum anyday before i smoked a socket. People have aluminum pipes dont they?

    SO, just buy some glass........:bongin:the smiley did.......
  5. Boil the socket in water for 20 minutes and it'll be clean
  6. well, i made a pipe that consisted of a long socket for the pipe and a small wide socket for the bowl a while back, and it worked fine

    however, i would suggest cleaning it with hot water thoroughly before using it, or use new sockets like i did.. well actually, i did both.
  7. #7 juniorgong, Aug 28, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 29, 2008
    well i went out and "bought" a new socket for like a buck fifty but i dont like... have any screens or anything wont my weed like get sucked through it?
  8. if you are going out and buying stuff for it why not just buy a glass bowl for 5 dollars
  9. go to your friends house and steal the screen from their bathroom sink. hehehe
  10. well i kinda just stole the socket thing so i didnt really buy anything

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