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Home made bong or bowl?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IluvRootBeer, Oct 5, 2002.

  1. Anyone got any good ideas on how to make a home made bong or bowl?
  2. OK I made this up one day and it is damn sweet.You get a 1.5 L poland sprins bottle and a half pint poland springs bottle. you will need two tubes(I used pens)you use the 1/2 pint as the first chamber and the 1.5 L as the main chamber.take one tube and put it through the bottle cap and connect a bowl(this one will go on the 1/2 pint).next cut a hloe in both bottles,put them side by side and put them at the same put the second tube through the holes but angle it down towards the bottom of the 1.5 L needs to be in the water in the 1.5 L and out of the water in the 1/2 pint.glue,tape or do somting to hold the bottles together and seal the holes.put a carb in both bottles(only in the 1.5L if you want)Fill with water and pack the bowl, be ready to feel NOTHING but cool air in your lungs.Take the biggest hit you can without worry about coughing
  3. i find that yes, you do not cough when you take a full lung capacity hit from a duel chambered bong..but when you exhale your lungs feel as though they are crushing in on themselves
  4. So your basically drinking man-made bong water???
  5. i've done that with an ice cube, don't try to swallow it though

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