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HOme made bong - help plz!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Filiab, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Alright, so I would like to make this on friday with my homies :D The bottle of choice I will be using is : [​IMG].

    I would like to know what the best stem/bowl thing i could use to hold the weed. If there are any alternatives to drilling ( MY brother moved out, took my drill with him), and finally, I heard this type of plastic is not healthy, is it true?
    Thanks a lot

    oh! HEy, first post!!!
  2. if you want to do an easy & cheap bong, go to your local head shop & buy one of those little "bottle bongs". they're basically a rubber stopper with two holes in them. one has a bowl holder that pushes through, then standard fishtank tubing is hung underneath to go underwater and the other hole has another piece of tubing stuck into it for a mouth piece.

    once you ditch the little bottle, you can stick the whole rig into a soda, beer or wine etc. bottle. i've got mine stuck in a nice green wine bottle.

    i think the bong only cost me $5 and extra tubing is like $2

    the most complicate fabricartion needed is to just cut the tubing to length with scizzors or a razor blade.
  3. Cool, I'll check out my Head Shop tomorrow.
    But the tubing isn't the problem for me - It's the Downstem/Bowl
  4. If you have any antennae laying around use that
    or a pen
    for a bowl use a socket
  5. use lighters to make holes in the bottle, make sure all everything is completely sealed, like that straw at the top, wrap some electrical tape around it so its completely airtight.
  6. If your trying to use that bottle, get a pen that you can take apart and just have the stem thing of the pen, but before you do that put a hole in the bottle with the pen, for the pen so it will be relatively airtight. Get a Nut (for the bowl) you might want to stack 2 on top of each other for a bigger bowl, then tape the 2 nuts together a good strong tape such as eletrical and tape the nuts to one end of the hollow pen tube with the tape. put the pen in the bottle, wrape some tape around the pen and bottle to get the pen to point upwards. Fill the bottle with some water, and you have a basic home made water bong with soem garage items, under many sinks is a screen typle thing you can use, just use a knife to pry one out
  7. OK, i was just trying to give you an easy way to make one that's more or less ready to go with minor modifications.

    if you really want to DIY, just visit your local hardware store and buy some brass plumbing fittings. they have all kinds of stuff you can just bolt together like elbow joints and size adapters.

    WHATEVER you do, DON'T use aluminum!!!

    just eating food cooked in aluminum pans has been linked to alzheimers so breating it in has to be worse as that goes directly into your bloodstream.

    use brass & steel or wood that isn't chemically treated.

    if you wanted to try something fun, you could make something out of clay and temper it over a fire. i wouldn't put it in an oven though because air bubles in clay explode when you fire and most stoves have glass doors while you could just put a piece of hardened clay in an old steel frying pan etc. and grill it and walk away. it might not end up as durable as properly fired clay, but it's easy to do. even unfired clay can be fairly hard if a bit chalky.

    p.s. you could also just go to a medical or scientific supply store and buy the parts yourself. those 8" glass tubes with funnel shaped "bowls" are really just beaker accesories just like the rubber cork in my setup is. i could take one of those glass deals and pop it right in my bong. i would, but i hate the shape. it's hard to get a screen set in those like you can in a bowl with a rounder or flatter bottom. you could probably also get glass tubes with various bends in them too.

    just take a bottle, two holed cork, glass tube funnel & a bent glass tube and you can make the same gear they sell in headshops for $20+ for maybe half that. i don't imagine beaker gear is cheap because it's a low volume industry.

    doing some quick resarch, i found this NICE little bowl. it's mounted in a single hole cork but they make doubles and maybe even triples, and if you couldn't get glass tubing, fishtank airline fits just perfect too for the mouthpiece
    if nothing else, you now know the name of the piece of gear you're looking for... thistle tube safety funnel

    here's a blue stopper, it's just 18 cents! i saw deeper thistle tubes here starting at just $3 and you could find them cheaper if you shop around i bet. this store's cone shaped funnels were HUGE if you want to build a party monster. they also had a bent condenser adapter that could be used as a mouth piece.
    just check your sizes as it appears that there are more than one & there are various sizes of tubing too.

    hey! check out the gas generating bottle! it's a bong!

    hmmm... wandering around i accidently found this, looks like a possible one hitter stem

    online scientific stores SUCK! alot of them don't give prices or are a pain to navigate. so far, every store that has the COOL shallow thistle tubes don't give prices and the ones that do are for the deep ones that you couldn't smoke in unless you lit with a laser. oh well. at least you have a point in the right direction if you want to go the glass route.

    i'd actually thought that one might use the same basic ide with a beaker, but instead of using a thistle tube as a bowl, put a bud inside the beaker and then heat it up on a stove for a DIY vaporizer! it sounds right in theory, but the vapor would be too hot to smoke right away.
  8. OFF TOPIC, but this is cool.

    I was trying to smoke, but my friend had my bowl and i didn't have no sticks.

    All I had was a clear plastic straw, so I used a knife and poked a small hole close to the middle of the straws length; put some weed right into the hole at one end (left a little hanging out so i could light it), and smoked away from the other end (like a blunt). It was pretty tight, cuz you could see the little straw fill up wit smoke; and it slowly melts away while you smoke, kinda like a joint.

    Good luck getting that bong to work, I just kinda read the thread and couldnt come up with any nifty ideas.

    You could just go to smoke shop and by a metal bowl (small cone with a tube, like any regular tip), that's designed for shit like that. Then you could make a gravity bong too and use it for both. you could even make a waterfall bong.

    See, got myself all excited, probly gonna go buy one this weekend. GL
  9. that's REALLY BAD!!!!!!!

    don't smoke straws! plastics are chemicals and breathing in burned chemicals is surely carcinogenic. it might look cool and seem fun, but it won't be fun if you get lung cancer. that's why fireman wear respirators.

    please don't ever do that again for your own good.

    if you want to smoke SOMETHING and don't have weed, smoke some cloves or corn husks etc. you can even smoke catnip which supposedly gives you a mild buzz, but DON'T smoke anything chemical.

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