home land security,or invasion

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  1. they say it is going to be home land security i beleave not with the statement maid last night on tv ,i think he may have split and let the cat out of the bag! he some of the money was for computer internet security ,like we have the terriorist in are internet web sites and are home computers ,this sounds more like a dam good way for them to gain entrey in to youe presonal computers and or control the internet saying it is for security is out right bs!if they do gain control of the internet i for one will not be here !this is a shame that they can out line this home land security and pass it off as security ,the USA has no right to do what it is doing both in the midial east or here on the internet and computers of are presonial lifes! if the UN want to get bin dip shit it should have gone and done it not the USA .we want them to respect us but we dont respect their countrys! this wrong out right wrong !and takeing our rights away and saying its for home land security is bull shit and miss use of power by our goverment ,if any one out their has any input thinking that in some why this is not invasion of our rights i'll be glad to hear your opinions because at this time we still have the right to type what we want ,or do we?the way i see it in my opinion we as americans and you all as are freinds should be awear that if they are aload to take are rights it well be your next or am i just to in love with what my country has ment to me and my family in the past to see the low under handed bs it is doing behide are backs in the name of home land security i dont think so ! and i will not be voteing for this home land invasion of our rights and other countrys as well! i am going to read all the veiws of the people that reply to this post why because it well determan if i stay here on the internet ,or just watch as are country breaks its own laws with out a care for the people that voted for them ! this is not the will of the americans people and i hope other countrys see and know this!IN GOD WE TRUST BECAUSE HAVE TRUST IN ARE GOVERMENT MEANS WE MUST GIVE UP OUR RIGHTS BECAUSE THEY DESIDED IT WAS THEIR RIGHT TO DO SO! we as a people did not vote this in to law or give them the right to do this ,any one that thinks they should have the right to control or have free control to go in to are sites and cummintys at their free will ,this gives them away to stop all rights with in this site as many others if you dont have anything to say about this topic you just as well to shut your computers off .or at lest read the replys to this post now!reply with your opinions please it may be the last time you are able to with out the home land security busting down your door , good luck tazz11
  2. or invading your computer and this site !
  3. Hey don't get me wrong i'm all for homeland security....but what they say the job of this new agency is for is that not just the job of the N.S.A.....??? to protect America from attack?....foreign or foe...be it native or foreign?...well maybe i'm wrong, but hey as i say i'm not American....Peace outy....Sid
  4. i would love a country at peace but not at the cost of our rights as well as the invasion of our right as well as other countrys and their rights ! do i think home land security is a must yes but not as valued as are rights ,9-11 showed us that we can be invaded but now it is not by others it is by are own fears !and the goverment is way over broad !the un should have control to over look the world and make it safe not my goverment !we are from USA we live here ! not in your country or others and my goverment has no right to invade other countrys as well as their computers or home computers !this wrong !
  5. by the way i did not see BUSH asking the people of american home land to set in on this in branch of the goverments make ! no he wanted to wow us with he wisdom and shock us with his power to control this country and its right and people ! i am shocked that he can do all this spend of voters money with out us knowing as it was stated last night we did not know what he and his job was doing ,we learned after the fact !its llike the man thinks if he pops out a new plan we are going to owo and ah over it ! it is still invasion of are rights and others !
  6. i really dont care for bush or his "ideas"....oh yeah tazz i saw u on www.420time.com ? i think that was it....anyways saw u on their board.woohoo.
  7. i like my goverment but its not being ran well right now ! BUSH is not his father and is way over the top here he has us fighting a war twith the world and he thinks its right in no way do i think we should be over there at war in some one's back yard ,its their country and not are's the UN is the only goverening body that should have confronted them not the USA goverment sad yes stupit no!BUSH is a over doing it ! the taxs pays had nothing to say about what was going on behind close doors with this home land security and i for one want other people from other countrys know not all the people over here are happy being left out of the makeing of this home land security !BUSH is doing what he want and shoveing it down are faces as fast as he can so we dont get time to understand it before he gets it made in to laws!i dont want or need he home land security tell me what rights i have i went to war to know that frist hand and he has no right to make us live under his idea of what rights mean ,throw the 5th out the window if he gets what the home land security wants ,this site well not be open to the people of america just other countrys as long as he dose not rule them yet,i can just picture this fucker looking out the window of the white house thinking i'll rule you !with his fist tightend he needs to get a life and stay the fuck out of my home and yours!!!!!!!! !
  8. this is the reason why i never wanted bush to become president
    always playing superman with his superpowers
  9. well said dude !i agree 100%
  10. wow. finally people who are against it... my views on the subject are a bit different though. i think this whole thing is part of a plan that the US government has in order to have control of the american people, as well as the only thing better than that... the people's consent and agreement with this control. why? because it's in the name of security. most people don't mind having these rights taken away as long as they think it's for their own good... but i think differently.

    i think that not only did the government know about 9-11, but they more than likely helped plan it. now they can take away our privacy rights, say it's in the name of security, and get away with it... not because of their power, but because the american people are too blind to see what's really going on. they think it's for national security and the 'war on terrorism' so they're ok with it... "anything to catch the terrorists" is their response.

    now, not only will the government beable to trace our computers, but they'll also beable to use evidence that they've found (even if it has no value to the 'war on terrorism') to prosecute people who otherwise would never have been caught. it's like searching someone's house for evidence of terrorist involvement, findind some marijuana, and arresting the person on drug charges.

    this whole thing really pisses me off... maybe i should get a bunch of my friends and start some protests and crap... lol. any opinions on my opinions are welcome.
  11. i dont know as of yet but i would be prode to know your opinion! it is right on the money and i beleave they may not of helped in it but knew of it and did not stop it because it served their means! they used it to get what they want money and power! and not what we as a country wanted ! telling us one thing and useing it to open doors for another ! you are very smart and you well go far in this world as i see it ! thank you for under stand the reason of this post and giveing your opinion, because it was with wisdom and not hate !if we all look at what we have for rights no one would just give them the right to take our rights away for any reason !comeing in to our homes even in are computer is a invasion and without a warrent is wrong and out right takes the power away from the judges and gives them a open warrent to do as they please with out the laws !pluse how this remake of the FBI and CIA and the makeing of the home land security well give them the best time to destory any prove of what they have and have not done ! i did not like the way they worded it and i dont like the fact they are telling us what freedom we can have and what kind of fredom is up to their opinion !where is the vote here? i havent seen one !yet !this goverment is makeing its own rules for the people but it is their opinion and thats not in any way freedom ,i think we all know just what that is, dont we!good luck tazz11
  12. this is kinda random, but i also have a pretty interesting view on why bin-laden hasn't been found yet... wrap your minds around this... once bin-laden is caught along w/the rest of the big cheeses in the taliban, the 'war on terrorism' will move to areas that the general public isn't too familiar with (because the middle east is the only thing in the spot light right now)... so the country's support for this 'war on terrorism' will begin to fade, the band-wagon patriots will stop being so patriotic, etc... and the gov. knows this. so, by purposely not trying to find bin-laden, the gov. ensures that the country will still be behind them; therefore, keeping the people ready and willing to give up their rights... i guess in a way this ties in with what i said before... but i don't know how much of this is true. it's just a theory... i think it's kind of interesting how it all fits so nicely together though.

    also, this is kind of random too... but did ya know that a plane couldn't have hit the pentagon? there's a site that has all this stuff on it... really cool. i'll post the link below.

  13. i am the goverment, i did not say your input could not be in theory,matter of fact input is what we need no matter if it is good or bad but still input to the over all topic is are goverment invadeing are rights and makeing its own rules !i had a thought that the goverment had bin dip shit on its pay roll my self !and he took their money and lol in their face and thats why they want him dead and not a life !i think this is why this is a good topic it had many paths that jion here with in its steps ! i would not rule your theory out unless there was a reason to ,wich i havent seen one yet!you could be right !i dont think the goverments going to come out and tell us if you are or not! time may in the long run !good luck tazz11
  14. IGottheCottons you said it man! I agree ~ and said something similar in response to a post that Bud Head posted about a month ago or so...

    Because of Sept 11th, we all have our guard down and are "OK" with the heightened security, all the way down to STRIP SEARCHES at airports! At certain concert/sports venues you no longer can bring in blankets, food of any type, backpacks, large backs, etc. For instance, the Oakland Colesium used to let you bring your own food in, but now because of Sept 11th, they won't?! I think it's more of a ploy to get fans to come in and pay $6 for a hot dog, and they're using the "homeland security" deal as another way to make money off the fans.

    But it's all OK because we don't want another Sept 11th to happen, right? How much further will the US government probe into our personal lives and control what we can and can't do and where we go because of Sept 11th? How far backwards will our country bend to prevent another Sept 11th, EVEN IF they know bending backwards might not even make a difference?!

    And what exactly are we doing to find the terrorists who did this now? Where is Osama bin Laden? Why is he so hard to come by, I would like to know, because I have a feeling they could have had him a few times and didn't grab him up for some reason or another.

    How many constitutional rights will be destroyed because of George W Bush and his ideas? He's already working on destroying our freedom of speech by encouraging the arrests and expulsions of people who badmouth him, or express opposing governmental views, or simply are wearing a shirt with the ANARCHY symbol on it. What, we can't dislike our resident moron president anymore? It was OK when it was Clinton, or anyone else, before the attacks, but now, if it's BUSH, you might be a terrorist if you say something negative about him. A military official was suspended because he expressed his doubts regarding Bush as a sufficient president.

    What next, the right to bear arms? That's been under attack for years, and this could very well be the next issue that gets examined.

    Argh I could go on but I won't because I am not sure if anyone agrees, or will even read this far, and I think I get my ideas across @ this point OK. Would like to hear someone's ideas who thinks this homeland security ISN'T going too far.
  15. i wish you were around when i was dateing ! lol you got brains gal and they aint just their to keep your hair in place ! your opinion like most here have add a good open veiw from your point of veiw this is need to bring this topic into the light where it should be because it needs to be ! we have things to loss in time it takes them but to give them up with out knowing that they are takeing them behind are backs piss me off !i gave years of my life to protected this country to in time see the bigist thing to hert it was its goverment leaders! any time you have something to say in a post of mine say it and voice your opinion or no one well know what you realy think other than your self !and that would be a shame your a very smart woman with good inside and those of us with wisdom respect your input and those of woman and man a like ! good luck tazz11
  16. i'm not quite sure who said it, but it fit's in perfectly

    If you give up freedom for the sake of security, you lose both.

    Benjamin Franklin??

  17. ::chants:: go ganjaphish, it's your birthday...

    so... yeah... i also think we coulda had him a couple times. but i've also always said that they'll never catch him. what i think is funny though is how so many captured higher-ups in the taliban have "escaped" since this 'war on terrorism' has began.

    about the constitutional rights being taken away from us... i've been thinking about organizing protests and ralley's and such around here, and was wondering if anyone on this forum would be interested in helping out in their area... we could spread the word, start petitions, write to congress, etc. to show the gov. that there's a lot of people against this. who knows, if enough people got involved it could get home-land INVASION put on hold.

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