Home Invasion Related to Pot Could Be Trend

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  1. By The Times-Standard
    Source: Times-Standard

    Arcata -- Thieves may be targeting indoor pot growers, both legal and illegal. An armed man who tried to force his way into a home last Sunday night is still being sought and the Arcata Police Department said these types of robberies are becoming more frequent.
    Police say people with indoor marijuana grows are becoming the targets for violent home invasions and are not reporting them because pot is involved.

    "We're worried more about the violence," said Arcata police Lt. Randy Mendosa.

    In the most recent incident, a man with a firearm tried forcing his way into a home on Hauser Court shortly after 10 p.m., but fled after a struggle with the resident.

    The resident saw the man get into a car with another person in it.

    The accomplice and the car were found by Humboldt State University police a short time later. No arrests were made but police were able to get information they believe will lead them to the armed man.

    Arcata police say they have noticed an increase in home invasion crimes connected with indoor marijuana growing operations.

    Officials urge that robberies are reported right away, no matter what's involved.

    "The police department knows that most robbery victims who are involved in growing marijuana may be hesitant to call the police," officials noted in a written statement. "The Arcata Police Department wants anyone who is a victim of a home invasion robbery to call the department immediately."

    Mendosa said some of the targeted growing operations may be legal, Proposition 215 grows.

    Anyone with information on the most recent home invasion attempt is asked to call the Arcata Police Department at 822-2428.

    Source: Times-Standard (CA)
    Published: Saturday, December 21, 2002
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  2. Yeah the legal ones are ok to report and I'm sure if they are legal the ppl will report it, IF the grow is legal.

    Is it me or does the police request to have ppl report home invasion of those who grow pot is an attempt to mock stoners ONE more time as if ALL stoners are stupid enough to screw themselves w/o KY Jelly? :confused:

    If I did grow and my home was invaded I would NOT call the police.

    Rule No. 1 of ... (uh..uh... I forgot) States keep your mouth SHUT about your grow!

    Den Activist
  3. Yea, I'm surprised about how many kids have told me they grow. If you ever get or give shit a at a GREAT price, its cuz you are lucky, that's all you say.
  4. I'm truly amazeddddd (damn, my "d" key gotta stop hanging up soon, it's 2 days since i spilled the beer over my keyboard. It should'a been dried up fine by now) at people openly admitting to be growing. And they tell this to dudes they hardly know at all. Just 2 weeks ago I was sitting in my favourite bar, and a kiddie joined our table since he knew the brother of one of my mates who was sitting with me. Anyways, after a couple of beers, me and my friend startet thinking bout taking a "smartie" outside (code for our fav. herb). We excused ourselves saying we had to go to the ATM to fetch more beer-currency. Well and truly baked we returned some 10 mins. later, and the nice kiddie noticed that we were a bit "out" (cheezy smile an' all). Then he went on with how much he smoked, and his 5 plants that was growing in his closet.

    And he was not excactly quiet about it either. I mean, we're in a bar, people got ears, and weed is *still* illegal. I asked him to shut up several times. I guess the dude only tried to make a good impression by saying he too was "into" it.

    The rule is, unless you know the guys/gals very good, and they are part of your regular smoking circle, it's okay to talk about it in private. Preferably whilst doing the bongpassgame at home. But out in public, jeez...
  5. it depends... most places out in public are safe to talk ... 99% of people wont care ... especially in a bar ... but i understand your point of view ...

    man though... does the government think were idiots??? notice they dont say that we wont get in shit for the grow... but we should report it anyways... ha ha... fuck off...

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