Home from Jamaica...I want to go back soon..

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  1. Let me tell you what true happiness is for me.

    a) sitting on the dock looking at a garbage bag full of bud and getting to pick out exactly what you want.
    b) sitting on the beach, looking at the ocean (naked) smoking a fatty and drinking a redstripe.:smoke:
    c) all of the above...

    Man how much do I love Jamaica. One of the best places on earth. Good food, good sex, good smoke and the ocean, wait... I didn't die and go to heaven did I? No, really it is paradise for anyone who has never been. They sell mj like they are selling hotdogs from a cart in NewYork. Loves it....

    I work in the airline world (I get to go to Jamaica 2-3 times a year) so if anyone wants to know where to stay in Jamaica just pm me. Really anywhere in Jamaica is a good place, it's my favorite place on earth.

    As much fun as it was for me (a girl) in Jamaica, you guys would be in nirvana. It's funny how no one actively tried to sell to me. They look at you guys and push it hard, but they look at me and figure the little lady can't be a smoker. Ummm wrong dude, I am... It's all good, no problem mon, take a toke and chill to the sound of some reggae mon...

  2. Ahhh this sounds even better than Anstradam!
    I've been thinking of going to Anstradam in a couple years but maybe I'll go to Jamaica instead haha.

    How much money would I need to bring up there? What does the green cost?

    I wish I was there right now... :-/ you made it sound so heavenly
  3. That sounds like bliss :)
  4. same as probara... im gonna get there sometime soon
  5. Oh yeah man you absolutely want to hit up Jamaica. After dinner every night I would light up right there on the patio outside. It's not officially legal like Amsterdam, but it's so accepted that no one looks twice.

    Cost is dirt cheap. Of course when your buying on the beach you have no scale, you just eyeball and bargain. It's cheap and easy to grow in Jamaica so everyone has it to sell. It's good strong stuff so start with $40 and you can always go back for more anytime. $40 will get you enough for 6 fully packed cones.

    Whatever you do though, as much as you want to bring some back with you to the US, don't do it. They have the dogs go over your bags when you are back in the states. It seems like a good idea and you think you might get away with it, but like I said I work in the airline world and I'm telling you don't do it. Enjoy it every second you are there, but leave it behind if you have any left over or you will get yourself in trouble in the states.
  6. Man your post makes me miss the island... That place is and was a trip. My wife and I want to eventually retire there, live in a little place by the beach and fish and have a little mango garden. The place is way nice.

    Somehow I left a nug in with my pipe tobacco and it came across. Didn't mean to, and wouldn't intentionally ever suggest anyone try to bring anyback, but was still way surprised to see it there when we got back to the states. Though I wouldn't intentionally ever try it. I suppose the lesson is: When coming back, triple check all your pockets / hiding spots!
  7. I won't lie, the thought of sneeking some bud over has crossed my mind a couple times :p but I know it is out of the question.

    Jamaica is definitely one place I will visit in my lifetime now.

    thanks for the tip gatiger40!

    maybe In a couple years if I am still on these forums I'll send you a PM for places to stay at Jamaica :D
  8. Ya i've been too. Bud is so cheap out there. $1 ours is $40 theres. Great stuff too. Did you go into their little fences huts where they have shit they sell too(cool shit like drums and stuff). It's awesome. We got asked by some random guy to go visit their hash fields, but was like fuck that shit. ha. There was armed military around too. I copped some bud in one of those places; got about 1/4 worth of bomb shit for couple bucks. I got seasick after first smoking some when i was on the cruiseboat.
  9. i could (Knock on a fucking tree) be going next june for a family members wedding. I am so looking forward to her wedding and the weeding haha.
  10. ah and one more thing

    are the majority of the beaches at Jamaica nude beaches?

    sounds like you had a great time at the beach :D
    damn it I wish I was there right now instead of stressing over upcoming tests
  11. There are a lot, but you have to do a little research. Sandal resorts are more conservative. Breezes(18+) and Hedonism resorts have them. For a young guy like you Hedo 3 in Runaway Bay is the place you should go.

    Open sex on the beach, in the hot tub ect.. Nude only pool and hot tub. Clothing optional area too if you need to get your courage up. I would have to say it's one of those resorts you will never forget. I've been to that one twice. Hedo 2 is in Negril, but it's mostly age 30-40 crowd. Hedo 3 is a 20-30 crowd. So it depends where you are and what your looking for in life.;)

  12. I am picturing you naked on the beach.

    Sorry! :eek:
  13. LOL, It's a scary sight to behold. I'm extremely fair skinned (i.e. white as a ghost) so it's not really a good look on the beach. Although I have to say I don't care, naked is the way to go!!!:hello:

  14. Sounds like Good Times to me :D
  15. You said Jamaica has "good sex", I hope you didnt let a Jamaican local stick it in you without triple wrapping his shit. Jamaicans are dirty. No intention to be a buzz kill, I am glad you lived the dream in Jamaica.
  16. I went to Jamaica last march, smoked a ton of skunky weed that a life guard sold me off the beach for 20 for a full bag. Also went to Bob Marley's resting place, they sold a ton of weed and hash though, but it was around the same as canadian prices, like 3.5 for 20, but it was pineapple skunk and blueberry, really good shit. I was at the Gran Bahia Principe in Runaway bay. I'm going back in January or Febuary to check out Negril.
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    I love the Jamaican people!

    The good sex, however, was with my ex-husband. We are still very friendly obviously. LOL:rolleyes:

    Yep I was at the Grand Lido in Negril. It is a part of the Superclubs resorts. They are actually changing it to a Breezes resort in November. Same company just a marketing situation.

    Most all the resorts in Jamaica are all-inclusive. That means all the alcohol, food, non motorized water sports, room, tax and tips included. It seems like it's a lot to pay up front,but other than the money needed for sovereigns and weed you don't need another penny while there. There are many additional excursions you could take, but many people never leave the resort there's so much to do.
  18. ...I think you mean AMSTERDAM :rolleyes: ;)

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