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    Hey what's up guys, just thought you guys might want to read in on a piece of glass' survival story.

    Got this glass about 4 months ago, paid $125 at some random head shop. Typically I would never buy from these places but this glass is quality. Sorry for crappy picture quality, but it's a 18" all glass on glass single perc. bong... complete with 19mm diffuser, downstem and bubbler. Essentially the perfect bong in my opinion.

    Anyways, as you all know, shit happens. My glass took quite a hit from the kitchen counter (I'm surprised the entire thing didn't shatter) and part of the bubble blew out. I figured the thing was toast, but saved the large chunk of glass that came off. Sorry, no picture of that.

    3 months later I decided to try and Epoxy it. I got some quick 5 minute dry glass epoxy bond and started gluing away after I had wiped all edges with alcohol.

    One chunk was missing that couldn't be sealed alone with the epoxy, so I broke a glass beer bottle and found suitable piece (after some gentle sanding and smoothing).
    You can see the foreign piece if you look hard enough.

    7 hours after Epoxy application and I've just ripped it after a nice alcohol and salt bath, and could not tell it was ever broken. It also sits as if nothing ever happened, which isn't something I had expected to happen. I couldn't be happier with the results.

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