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  1. lol, i KNOW brits will empathize with this (many uk smokers roll their own due to outrageous cigarette prices) but who else rolls their own cigarettes because i have found that i save like around 150 dollars a month by doing so...not to mention i smoke less so im real happy about this....:smoke:
  2. I always do of course... who wouldn't?
  3. well, ska, arent the majority of smokers you know around you smokers of commercial brands?....god knows the people around me smoke brand name cigarettes mostly you know?....
  4. I roll my own cigs. I use mainly Amsterdam Shag or Drum tobacco
  5. Definitely... I look like a cheap ass when I bring around a bag of drum and roll myself but it's worth the money savings and better taste... commercial brands taste nasty and flavorless now that I switched to RYO.
  6. better taste too no doubt!...the "no extra chemicals" factor i guess.....interestingly i found that handrolled cigs actually burn longer too...

  7. I noticed that too and so did a couple fellow RYO peeps... the tobacco companies probably use fast burning paper and make them loose so they burn extra fast and you want that next cigarette sooner.
  8. yeah rolled cigs definately last longer. I usually roll myself a nice canon thats thick as shit too haha. Do you all buy the tins or bags?
  9. how much does it cost for say a pack of tobacco and some papers? i might start doing this..
  10. I know I should, but it's not very convenient. I actually kind of hope I quit before I decide to start rolling my own. =/
  11. i still buy packs but im trying to get more into the handrolling ;) when i started mine looked very shitty and joint like, but now i get them pretty nice and thin ;) the thinner the better :D it saves a lot of money but it sucks to carry around all the stuff when your somewhere in the city ... thats why i currently smoke handrolled at home and when im somewhere else i smoke brands ;)
  12. Listen up RYO noobs...


    If you can't roll for shit buy one of them. Costs like 2 bucks.


    Don't wanna roll in public? Invest $10 in one of these babies... you can be creative and make your own case, buy a glass case, colored case, etc...
    Roll ahead of time a pack of cigs at once. Should take like 5 min.
  13. can you roll your own menthol cigarettes?
  14. Yes, if you can find menthol filter tips.

    I always have a tub of rolling tobacco so if I run out of regular smokes, I don't go without.

    At times I will only roll my own for a few days before buying a new packet. Plenty of people in France roll their own.

    There are also a newer style of rolling machine that you can buy, and fills up cigarette tubes, filter already included, looks just like a proper cigarette...

    As for brands, Fleur de Pays, 1637 (I think its called that, its the locally grown tobacco), American Spirit tobacco or Drum blond, are my preferences.
  15. Yes. MUCH cheaper. i smoke fewer times each day, enjoy each one more, can control the tobacco i put in there for a single smoke cig or a double(don't like them). It improves my skills and saves me money. i've recently started rolling spliffs too. Good way to quit cigs i think.

    The carrying cases are awesome. Mine has a built in refillable lighter too.
  16. TOP makes menthol tobacco that doesn't require tips. idk about anyone else but i'd assume they carry it too.

  17. That's sick... I need to pick up one of those. I'm always running out of lighter fluid and losing lighters.
  18. thanks dawg.
  19. I have trouble with pics here, but every once in awhile it works. Here's two. My wife got it for me for Christmas. Has pre-rolls in there b/c i hadn't started RYO yet so the others are joints :)

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