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  1. Things are getting painfully sober, are there any recommendations on what I can buy over the counter that will still fuck me up? I've herd of using cough syrup...what kind?


    Oh yeh, and dont count alcohol...
  2. not what brand, but what ingredient... buy a bottle of something that only contains dextromethorphan as an active ingredient... then drink the entire bottle or just a portion if your nervous... its DXM, youve probobly heard of it... drink enough and the shit is way trippier than acid, but not necewssarily in a good way, alot of poeple find it scarey intense.... also peanut skins (no joke), and morning glory seeds....

  3. aha...anyone have a recommendation tho??? If I drink half the bottle will it be just half as long/intense? i kinda want a happy trip tho, i just wanna feel good til i fall asleep, lol - dunno if i need to trip and be frightened
  4. may i ask a question

    who the fuck smokes peanut skins just because they are sober...its not like being sober is the worst thing in the world. and its not like if you get hungry you would eat any random thing you can find like a piece of woods or something

  5. *There will be no name-calling here at the City. State your opinion and leave out the hate for others. *RMJL
  6. whoa whoa people people - lets just get back to the issue at hand....getting fucked up at home without regular drugs :) lol

    i bought a bottle of some cough suppressant its got Dextromethorphan HBr at 15mg concentration - it was the strongest i could find

    so can i just drink like half the bottle? lol - im not doin shit til someone can tell me this wont kill me, lol
  7. you could probobly trip a lil, i dunno though, as long as its THE ONLY ACTIVE INGREDIANT
  8. yeh it is - i read up on it a bit a erowid, says 300mg is considered a 'light dose' tho it will be strong for first timers, thats only...5 'cap fulls

    im doin it, bottoms up people....
  9. countdown....

    bleh, thats 1

    bleck bleh bleh....2, dam this stuff isnt tastey like weed

    ugh.....so nasty - im getting pills next time....if its good.

    bleh, so thats...180mg so far...4th one....ack nasty 4 is plenty, ill vomit if i have anymore

    ill post again when something happens

    how long should it take
  10. i dunno if 240mg will be enough... it might though... if it is it should take like 30min-1h
  11. I find it easier to do stuff like that if I smell some juice or pop first then just chug it and hope I tricked my brain as to what I'm drinking
  12. dude.. just go buy a sack...dont go using that stuff just to get fucked up.. thats just sad..
  13. man, u dont understand, my whole fking township is dry, id hafta drive 3 hours to get some from a friend at college. if i could buy a sack i would...i hope that means a sack of weed...lol, anyways, im feelin pretty happy at the moment, a lil spacey. no complaints other than my tummy is a bit off
  14. damnit, nothing happened yet - lol
  15. i have never used dxm but if 300 was the light does i might suggest at least doing that much to possibly feel an effect nect time. but i cant really help you with dxm considering i have not done it.

  16. Well, at least you're not coughing, are you?

    Hahahaha! Youthful experimentation! Where would we be if we never went through it ourselves? In a stunted growth pattern most likely!
  17. hmm well nothing happened :(

    i dont get it, even with shrooms i never hallucinate for shit, the most ive ever seen was my carpet 'kind-of' looking like water, im starting to think that hallucinating isnt possible... bleh, im like a hallucinatory-hard head :p

    as for 300mg being a light dose....they said on erowid that for first timers and infrequent usera, 300 can be quite strong and frightening, i weigh in fairly light for my height at 175pds im a skinny guy, i should feel some of this. bleh, ill try it again tho, this time ill take pills and take 450mg of the stuff.

    If you're going to trip on DXM, ONLY USE ROBITUSSIN

    It's the safest and most effective way to trip on DXM.

  19. if i was hungry enough id eat a peice of wood.... hell, even if i wasnt that hungry id eat it for the hell of it...
  20. interesting, im getting an effect similar to pcp it would seem.... when i reach for things at a great distance they seem almost difficult to grasp. hm - yeh there definately 'something' different, but i dunno quite what it is. i keep getting a stomache ache off and on - its more of a bother than a pain - at times it just dissappears (i assume it was caused by the inactive ingredients rather than the DXM

    hm, it would appear there are quite a few subtle effects that i may have been overlooking while ive been on the computer

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