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Home Drug Test Kits/Corporate Random Tests

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jonsi, May 8, 2006.

  1. Part I:

    I was going to do some experiments with how long THC lasts in my system specifically, but I have a question for anyone who has experience with home drug test kits.

    First off, is there a big difference in quality between these two?


    Basically I want to be able to buy a bulk amount of tests, such as the ones from the second site. But are those as reliable as the 15.99 one? I'm basing off the old cliche of "You get what you pay for" So I'm skeptical of the cheap ones. I'd love to be able to order 10 tests, and just do a little graph of when I'll pass after how long I smoke, but I want the test to be reliable to the degree of what would happen if I go to a medical place for a urine test.

    Part II: How many Corporate employees that work in an office which state they do random tests have been tested? I'm just curious if there is some sort of pattern between employers. I've been with my employer for about 1 year and 3 weeks and have not been called to be tested. I've never seen any of the employees in my office get called up out of the blue to be tested. The only one who got tested was when he got hurt and it's the whole workers comp. So is it common for employers who have a random policy that their randomness only comes from an injury? I'm just trying to develop a pattern because i have no clue and am a bit paranoid about this topic. So for Corporate World type employees, what are you company's "random" testing procedures?
  2. BIG difference between commerical tests and hospital/lab tests! Some labs can detect specific annomolies that may have been used to cover up, or dilute the THC. (ie;water, vinegar, lemonade, goldenseal, etc) My experience w/my employer testing is just that "RANDOM" no rhyme, no reason. My brothers girl just got fired from her corporate job that she has held for 19 years a few months ago due to a "random" test. She had smoked one at lunch the day she was called to "give a sample". Good luck with the testing, can't wait to hear the results!
  3. With my experiment I won't be testing anything that might dilute the sample. It's going to be normal conditions, so that's not what I'm worried about. Basically what I'm asking, will the 1.79 test give me the same positive (or negative) that the 15.99 would, and would that be the same positive level needed for a medical test? Or will the cheaper test give me a negative when I would still test positive with a professional test?

    Man, I need to get out of this corporate field, too bad the money is decent :( This 'random'ness makes me paranoid as fuck for something I enjoy every two weeks or so when I'm not on the clock. Fuck that!

    But thanks for your experience with random. I just assumed that everything else in the corporate world has a rhythmn, there must be one to drug testing... but I guess random is trully random with them. Bah!

  4. sorry bout that, I work with the hospital/lab type tests. I am just hypothisizing here but I would say your first incling of "you get what you pay for" is accurate. I am guessing a negative result on these, if you have indulged, would register a weak or low positive on the lab tests. This is just an educated guess though. Yes, BAH to the random testing! BTW, I work at a hospital, my sis in law was at a Naval shipyard as a civilian worker.

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