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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by MrGers, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. I would like to go into home depot and ask for suggestions on how to take care of my plant but unfortunately i can't just ask "whats the best _____ for growing weed?" so what kinda plants are similar enough not to raise suspicion? also, i guess i can ask my question here as well. I have some bugs in the bottom of the pot and id like to use nutes. can i use fungicide and generic plant food? like all purpose plant food? my plant is small, maybe 2 months old and i dont want it to grow any more than it really it, id like to start flowerin it, i just started it on a 12 hour light cycle
  2. off topic but when i went into home depot buying grow supplies, i was carrying a bag of soil and was walking down the lighting aisle. some random guy, not an employee of home depot, stopped and asked what i was growing. i claimed i was giving my mother a plant for her birthday. he just laughed and said "high pressure sodium is what youre looking for." i in return laughed and thanked him.
  3. If you can't find the answers here, or on the web, grow guides, etc... home depot won't be able to help you. But I read often that tomotos are of the same temperment.
  4. Everything you need to know can be found on the website that my sig points to. The rest of it can be found here in the stickies on the forums.

    Please do yourself and the plants a favor and read EVERYTHING... not just what you think applies to what you're doing at the moment.

    Once you've done that... go back through and read again on the subjects that you think you'll need the most detailed information on.

    Go do searches on the forums for additional information if you're still confused.

    If you're good at dirt.. stick with dirt.
    If you've never grown anything before... start with a bubbler bucket and the Lucas Formula.. you can't go wrong. :)

    Grow On!

    Oh yeah.. if you still have any questions be sure to post them here 'cause we just LOOOOVE getting tough questions nobody has ever asked before. :)
  5. thats funni i did same..but i said tomatos with a grin..plus went to my local petland discount to look for lights..lol the guy who works there had 420 tats and say heres the light you want...happy growing..and that will 7.99 would you like a bag...lol

  6. yea tomato plants have similiar structure i grow them too...lol

    but like the dude said a couple posts above...read alot and know what your going to buy before you get there...dont ask workers for parts your unsure u need ya knoe:D
  7. Its funnier going into a hydroponic store. Its like an unsaid thing, just tell them you need something to flower and they take u round the store and show you what to get.
  8. Very true, if it is good for tomatoes, it is good for MJ. Soil and fert requirements are virtually identical.
  9. I found that Peter's 20-20-20 all purpose plant food is great
    That's all I use.They'll have at almost any hardware,Lowes,H.D. should have it

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