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  1. The city I live in is putting in a medical and rec MJ facility in my city .
    Now they are saying no one within 25 miles can grow MJ anymore .
    I have a medical MJ card ...is it still going to be legal for me to grow ?

    It seems like the city I live in is making up their own laws and still reminding everyone that they will prosecute people under federal law regardless of what state law is !

    How do I find out the truth about these laws and how does it effect the people who have a medical mj card ?
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  2. Damn that super fucked up what reasoning was stated for that law?
  3. it doesn't end there
    Cant grow in anything but a constructed building . no premanufactured homes , shipping containers green house .
    Cant grow out doors …..….. regardless if you have a secured area or not and the police can come in at anytime to inspect without a warrant .
    You cant have a gun in the house if you have a medical card .
    And on and on .
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  4. State who ?
  5. Damn all these hoops huh? Fuck them trying to force people to go legal n spend a ridiculious amount of money for licencing n taxes thats some bull shit, if i were you id acquire a spot out in the desert where no ones gunna bother with it and crank it out my friend
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  6. In Vermont, recreational reefer is legal. You can grow it... but there are NO retail facilities.
    The State is watching other States. I’m watching, as well.
    Wherever retail operations are set up, the old black market THRIVES... a result of high retail prices... resulting in lower than anticipated tax revenue.
    The State of Vermont has made it clear that MUNICIPALITIES may pass their own laws concerning pot.

    I’m sure it doesn’t make you feel better, but it MAY provide some insight into regulation.

    Read the ordinances... you’ll ‘get’ what they’re trying to do.
    BUT the first response was the best response; inquire of the regulatory agency... in your municipality.
    Start with the Police Chief; he’ll point you to the ‘powers that be’; he follows their direction.

    Hope that helps.
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  7. Don't get a licence to grow,soon as govt knows, ur done.
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  8. *puts on tinfoil hat* government mind control program, man. Control the supply control the population.
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  9. Could you post the city ordinance stating they're going to enforce federal cannabis law? It sounds corrupt, if the city is going into the marijuana business I don't see how they could prosecute individuals for breaking the same laws they are breaking.
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  10. I just looked up your laws. Ya the wording really does you over
    You can’t grow if within 25 if retail is established
    I have no real use searching this extensively but it’s useful

    NRS 453A.200 Holder of valid registry identification card or medical marijuana establishment registration certificate exempt from state prosecution for certain acts involving marijuana and paraphernalia; no crime for mere presence in vicinity of medical use of marijuana; limitation on exemption from state prosecution; affirmative defense; holder of card prohibited from cultivating, growing or producing marijuana if dispensary opens in county of residence; exceptions.

    NRS 453A.205 Holder of valid letter of approval exempt from state prosecution for certain acts involving marijuana and paraphernalia; limitation on exemption.

    NRS 453A.208 Employee of State Department of Agriculture exempt from state prosecution for certain acts involving marijuana; no person subject to prosecution for being in presence or vicinity of medical use of marijuana.

    NRS 453A.210 Registry identification cards and letters of approval: Program for issuance; application; required accompanying information; distribution of copies of application; verification of information contained in application; permissible grounds for denial of application; judicial review of decision to deny application; reapplication; applicant and caregiver deemed to hold card or letter pending approval or denial of application; provider of health care required to maintain documentation of application
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  11. Thank you .
    I have a friend in town who is the JP I am going in to talk with him to make sure everyone knows I am a card holder and so they don't do the Nazi BS and kick my doors in on my home .
  12. I called the justice of the peace ,, he transferred me to the sheriff office , sheriff office transferred me to the police chief .
    The police chief answered my questions . Because I have a medical MJ card I can grow up to 12 plants regardless if I live within 25 miles of a dispensary .
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  13. Fuck the tyrants live free or die

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