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  1. @RMJL
    with many ol' home brewers now including weed with their brew I'm for havng a home brew forum,
    yes I know we are about weed and in the past I'd direct you to a separate forum,
    but as I say many brewers are now including cannabis in their brews and we should support that,
    by having a forum here on GC, but the difference here is that it should also include no weed drinks too so it should not be hidden down in the Weed Edibles but next to it

    your thoughts?
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  2. Definitely worth adding to the list. Thanks for the suggestion!

    I can't guarantee when it will be added, though. More than likely it will be after the new year. I'll bookmark this thread for future reference. :)
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  3. Merry Christmas Boss! and Thanks

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