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Home Audio

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by NorseMythology, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Anybody into home audio?

    I dont have anything fancy, at all, but I aspire to make it better.

    Just a lowly Denon E300 and only KEF C60's sitting on 168lbs of concrete stands I made out of patio stones and bed liner spray. My computer has Klipsch Promedia 2.1

    I think I will end up getting a pair of Canton GLE496.2 and a couple subwoofers that I haven't settled on yet.

    What so you peeps have or plan on getting?

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  2. Today (after this picture)I sprayed the top of the top bricks with rustoleum pro bed liner to decouple the speakers from the stands and so they don't scratch the mess out of the bottom. Due to the cats, my speaker covers were being abused so I took them off. 0616181408.jpg
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  3. Hopefully they don’t go for the speakers now. At least the covers were a buffer...

    I used to have all different kinds of components but over the last few years I’ve been workIn on our 16’x32’addition and last summer set up a Sony 65” 4K monitor and swapped out for a Yamaha RX-V379 with surround setup mounted to the ceiling with all the wiring up in the ceiling. Pretty pleased overall with the sound and there’s no doubt it cranks.

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  4. Nice setup. Do the concrete stands make a difference? Modern stereo equipment is so good you don't have to go the ultra high end route to get outstanding sound. I run a 3.1 system, Sony receiver, Energy C-2 speakers, for music and TV. For ball games you'll hear voices in the crowd you'll never catch on just a TV. Crank it up and watch a video of the Isle of Man motorcycle races and you'll get dizzy going so fast. Nothing better than a good buzz and great music at a level that completely engulfs all your senses.
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  5. I had a sweet surround sound system but I took it out a while back then couldn't rewire it lol

    I might fuck around with it later & see if I can set it up again
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  6. [​IMG]



    Mtx monitor 60i's, Harman kardon avr427, sundown audio e8 subwoofer powered by a lil 200w plate amp. The real gem is the transmission line enclosure I built for the sub. Pics for that later
  7. I wouldn't claim to know what effect the concrete material has, but just the elevation definitely helps.
  8. I got myself a Yamaha R-S202 with two Polk T15. Wasn't my first choice but they do the job for my apartment dwelling. I figured anything more would be Overkill for my situation.
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  9. It is so easy to get pretty good sound anymore. My speakers are from the mid 80's and I got a low end denon receiver powering them, I would definitely love to get better and I will have to save and earn them, but this setup is pretty decent. Needs a subwoofer for sure, the 8in drivers are lacking for >60hz

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  10. You're right. I bought this set up last year and I pretty much went as cheap as you can go while still getting decent and reliable brands. And i was blown away at the sound quality, it was better than anything I've ever had before.
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  11. Home audio rules

    Yamaha RX-V2400
    Marantz cd/DVD changer
    Monster power line conditioner
    Polk Rti12
    Polk psw505
    Polk center and surrounds.
    Audio quest wires
  12. I'm interested but, don't have the money for a sound system. :)

    Very cool man.
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  13. If you don't need the latest and greatest there are great deals on used audio equipment. If properly taken care of I wouldn't be afraid of buying used but I would test it first.
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  14. My dad has a sound system from the 60s. It works too. :)

    We listen to old jazz records on it while we blaze. He's old school as fuck.
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  15. For sure, if you have 500 to spend on speakers, it might be better to get $1200 used pair for $500.

    Ideally I would love some Focal Grand Utopia EM Evo, but for what I would spend in the near future I am thinking Canton GLE or Yahama ns777.

    First though, I will eithe build a Dayton Ultimax subwoofer or get a Rhythmik sub. I really like the idea of servo controlled subwoofers.

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  16. Does anyone here build their own speakers?

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