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Home Alone With A Chick

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by c71797, May 23, 2013.

  1. This weekend my parents are going out of town and leaving me and my cousins at my house. I am planning to buy an oz of top shelf medicali bud and enough alcohol to last the weekend. I was texting this girl that I am into and she's also into me. Whenever we hang out alone she tells me about times she has gotten drunk and hooked up with chicks( in detail) I invited her to sleep over one night and blaze and she said yes. When we are smoking alone in my room how do I know it's the right moment to make a move and how do I go about doing it. Thanks for the help
  2. Are you asking how to pick up girls on gc?...get her drunk and high and if she likes you, what happens happens..
  3. If she's alone with you in your room, smoking and/or drinking, you don't have to worry about when the "right" moment will come along. All you need to do is lead up to it. A good time and a little flirting and you're good. Put a movie on or something and cuddle. You can go about it almost any way that you think is suitable, she's already into you. Just make the move :p
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    After she's drunk and smoked, rub her thigh. If she doesn't kind of push you away or tell you no, then she wants it. Then, what happens happens. 
    If you need pointers, you could put a bluetooth headset in your ear while I talk you through it step by step. Of course, you'll need to get a camera so I could see what's going on there, and it better be HD! Man, I am such a kind and thoughtful person...
  5. Thanks guys. i will defiantly do that. Haha dude she would probably be down for me to video it. She's that freaky.
    Use a condom!
  7. Getting a girl pregnant should be a man's least fear. You have two legs you know, so you can always run away.
    It's the STDs that'll pull your tail from behind, mah nigga. I'm sure she's clean, since she's been with girls; well, I do have a friend whose also a lesbian that has herpes, but I'm sure you have nothing to worry about. ;)
  8. Hhahah you just made my day
  9. its all about getting closer and closer without seeming creepy. basicaly dont sit on the opposite side of the room, but dont sit on her lol
  10. You probably won't even have to do anything honestly. Lol She already wants the D. 
  11. no offense but the chick sounds like a slut so there shouldn't be much effort needed unless you have absolutely no game at all...use a condom because i guarantee you're not her first dude, and shes also gettin drunk and hookin' up with chicks, so shes most likely fuckin' anyone who says "hey" least that's been my experiences with girls like you describe (open about gettin' shit faced and fuckin')
  12. abso. agree with you my dude
  13. Just get her in the bed and mack her down? Are you a virgin? If so just kiss her. Play with her nips. If shes cute and clean eat her out. If shes ugly/fat/stank skip the eating and finger her.

    Get your dick hard slide it into bottom of the wizards sleeve and do ab workouts till your butthole clenches.
  14. Just so I am clear this thread is about a guy whose only game is getting a girl drunk and high so he can make a move on her. He admits she has had many sexual partners yet fails to realize the pill only prevents pregnancy not the spread of STD's. 
    Personally I suggest aborting the mission and reevaluating a lot of things. 
  15. Hey man wear a condom. You don't know where she's been or if she has STDs
  16. Skull bang that smut!

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  17. You guys are sick... Lol
  18. Haha that was awsome and i needed the laugh, so thanks for that.

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