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Homade hooka thingy idea

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pipesmith, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. Is it safe

    im thinking of drilling a hole in a bottle cap then screwing that on the bottle and drilling a couple of hole in the bottom and puting surgical tube threw them and using that as like a hooka thing

    will it work
  2. should work but u need a place for the weed man like a bowl, so put the tubes on the side and use the top as a bowl sounds like a good idea dunno if it would work tho, just my 2 cents
  3. For it to really be like a hookah the weed needs to be heated under a coal constantly. My friend from Kuwait said they used hash, but i'm not sure about that. And it should be water filtered, not very difficult to do, especially if you're using an actual bowl. but it should work like you said, it would just be a pretty cool pipe. Also, if you have more than two tubes just remember to plug one. Let me know how it goes, and happy smoking.
  4. sorry i was going to put a socket in the top for a bowl and take toilet paper and put them in the other tubes

    o and i need a name for this not a pet name but a name for the idea of the device in general any thoughts?
  5. multi hose bowl

    because thats what it is a hooka is much different
  6. i think im going to call it a multipipe or something like that
  7. Honestly, It's better to get money for a legit hookah. Don't waste your time on fake D.I.Y. pieces. Only use those if its a 'last resort' situation. If you cant buy any paraphernalia (smoking pieces), Ask your dealer. Plus, Legit pieces get you way higher because they were designed for smoking. You never know what your getting into with homemade pieces.
  8. yes but homemades you can get whatever you want and its usally free
  9. Like i said, You wont get as high. At least from my experience. But that's just my opinion.
  10. i disagree, ive crafted pieces out of a water bottle, using a pen tube and cut piece of soda can for the bowl, hot glue it all together and it hits just as good as a small bong or pipe, that is if you do it right.
  11. thats not safe
    but i agree that a homemade peice can get you just as high as a store bought one
  12. why wouldnt it be safe? the plastic doesnt melt, hardly gets warm
  13. #13 Heroic Dose, Mar 17, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 17, 2010
    Your idea is nothing like a hookah. It's hookah btw.
  14. i knew it had another h but everyone else was tricking me

  15. I've done this too, it's awesome. Works the same way as a hookah/water pipe, plus it has a massive chamber so you get some huge smooth hits. I highly suggest getting out the water though, nothing is nastier than what evaporated tap water leaves behind, disgusting.
  16. we usually just toss the whole thing. no sense in keeping something like that

    you could also make a steamroller out of a paper towel roll and some foil :D i know its not a hookah or water pipe, but its super easy and hits good
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