Holyfuck this is the best stealth game Ive played in awhile

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  1. Just got through playing Splinter Cell Blacklist that game is by far the best stealth game i've ever played,but the only Splinter Cell game's I've played are Conviction.But Holyfuck man its like they expanded on conviction sooooo much!!!

  2. I doubt it beats far cry 3 .
    Or the last of us now that I think of it 
  3. Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory were way better SC games in my opinion. Conviction and Blacklist are the lesser of the Splinter Cell titles, but they're not bad by any stretch.
  4. Dam Idk about Far Cry 3 I mean in terms of stealth their both different in every way and gameplay.I dont think Far Cry 3 even had much stealth now that I think about it...
  5. I always hear "Chaos Theory"I'd play that game if they revamped the graphics
  6. Conviction was a shitty and horribly done game in comparison to blacklist IMO.
    And if you played stealth with farcry 3 you just plain missed out, lol, i mean you can play stealth throw rocks open cages release animals but shit man running and gunning is fun as hell in that game.
  7. The AI in BlackList is fucking Good.If I take out NPC 1 a minute later NPC 2 says Hey what happened to NPC 1?Im gonna go look for him.or if I turn off the lights they come towards me...I know this isn't alot but its a big step from conviction.The stealth in Far Cry 3 was good I suppose didn't really impress me too much sad to say,but I can't lie it was a great game.
  8. LOVED blacklist. this is coming from someone whose beeing playing SC since the first game on xbox.
    aside from the change of the voice actor it was a superb game with soooooo much replayability. I beat maybe 60% of the campaign as a ghost. only knocking people out when i need to and using my pistol just to shoot out lights. took me forever and was grueling as fuck but dam i'm like a pro at stealth games now.
  9. Im playing on pc so Im not sure if you're experiencing this problem.When im in covered mode and I put the cursor over someones head to shoot them in the head some how I miss.But if I step out of cover mode I dont miss, also what does tear gas do exactly? I threw that on the ground and the enemies just walked through.One more thing do I ever get more 4e missions? Because I dont the multiplayer stuff
    ya i'm playing on pc as well and i never had that problem. then again, i play with a ps3 controller so the aiming is a bit more sluggish then a mouse. i never really use tear gas cos i do mostly stealth but when I've used it, it works fine. unless they have a gas mask on. and yeah the side missions progress a little bit. some don't but others unlock new weapons n such. others have 3 parts per mission. the co-op missions progress a lot, too.
  11. sweet...
  12. Clicked thinking this was going to be about Mark Of The Ninja, the real best stealth game since Snake Eater.
    Blacklist was definitely a massive improvement over Conviction though I'll give you that.
  13. Yeah BL still has alot of room for improvement but i really enjoyed the embassy missions, having 20 guys after you and killing all of them without being detected or nothing is so fulfilling for a stealth game. 
    I played on 360, shooting out of cover never ever missed once your game must be bugged or something idk what to say, i think they need to take out mark and execute though, shit makes the game too easy.
  14. What did you think about the AI?
    On the hardest difficulty its a challenge and a half however theres always a loop hole you can use i suppose, like a guard sees a body hes going to change his path to get to that body, even if your half in his line of sight hell walk right past you easy flanks
  16. blacklist is a giant pile of shit
  17. Want to explain why you didn't like it?
  18. Haven't played Blacklist yet but I think another Hitman game is in the works, although the last one was alright and metal gear solid 5 looks like it will be dope.
    Really? I always though Far Cry was just an open-world FPS; I didn't know it had any stealth aspects. I was slightly intrigued by it, but passed since I'm generally not big on FPS games. But I really enjoyed MGS3. 
    I like "stealth" games in the sense that you have to use a bit more strategy and planning as opposed to just running in and tanking enemies (which is also fun, of course). 
  20. Dishonored anyone?

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