'Holy' Trinity explained throught lil wayne song ahahaha

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  1. lil wayne, no ceilings mixtape 'watch my shoes', you should listen, buy it, steal it, o wait its free at DatPiff

    I do me, no I do three,
    At a T-I-M-E, why when we say we young mula,
    The bitches leave ya'll and relay run to us,


  2. I like to copypaste from atheist, weed, and spiritual forums.. dont bother with religion.. once tried to post something on islam site, 1 post, instant banned. Then the dude who bans me, he pms me and says something like this lol....

    If I ever see you in real life, ill total you.

    Total meaning, mess me up, beat me up, you know... muslims talk, fly a plane to a building

    I talk shit, but i never hate

    ICMAG deletes my threads, even if I claim they aren't religious in nature. no talking about religion at ic, moderater must think talking about God is talking about religion or something
  3. the dedication mix tape, wayne's world skit:)
  4. weed, spiritual, atheist

    the holy trinity lol

    guess only room for one weed site....
  5. sorry for so much posts
    just noticed at my itunes plays again lol, my top 10

    tupac, unconditional love- 358
    tupac, until the end of time - 243
    wayne, 6 foot 7 foot- 224, lol havent listened to this for a while
    tupac, me against the world- 217
    tupac, to live and die in la- 198
    tupac, lord knows- 184
    big crosby, ac-cen-tchu-ate the positive -174
    tupac, ambizations as a rider- 173
    tupac, thugs mansion - 165
    tupac, bury me a g - 164

    understanding takes alot of time
  6. Kanye has different interpretations of it as well.
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    laptop battery bout to die, no charger, mine broke(my own fault, i was stupid with it), new one hasn't arrived yet, ordered the wrong one before, had to send back because it wasn't compatible no one will let me borrow theirs right now

    seems like if i try to express this feeling anywhere beside anonymously through the internet, like if i try to show my own family, i get yelled at for nothing, it makes me angry, but i guess that is just one experience with one person and my anger turns into confusion. you can try forever to explain something to someone, but they must 'get' it, like prove to themselves its real.

    Then i remind myself, the message isn't your alone to spread, when the time comes all will know this message. patience is a virtue
  8. He sounds confused :confused_2:
  9. Rhyming words doesnt make you a philosopher.
  10. he's obviously an alphabetitian:p

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